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handlebars-layouts - Handlebars helpers which implement layout blocks similar to Jinja, Nunjucks (Swig), Pug (Jade), and Twig

  •    Javascript

Handlebars helpers which implement layout blocks similar to Jade, Jinja, Nunjucks, Swig, and Twig.Helpers are generated by passing in your instance of Handlebars. This allows you to selectively register the helpers on various instances of Handlebars.

dust-intl - Dust helpers for internationalization.

  •    Javascript

Dust helpers for internationalization.This package used to be named dust-helper-intl.

dusty - Compile a collection of dust.js templates

  •    Javascript

This utility recursively compiles a directory containing dust.js templates into either a single javascript file or a file per template. It also provides API access to the underlying logic that makes it all tick, so it can be embedded into express for example. I was heavily inspired by Dan McGrady's duster.js (and originally this was just a fork!), but quite quickly outgrew the provided functionality of his tool.

gulp-dust - Precompile Dust templates

  •    Javascript

Issues with the output should be reported on the Dust issue tracker.You can override the default behavior by supplying a function which gets the current File object and is expected to return the name.

common-dustjs-helpers - A small library of "standard" helper functions for the Dust

  •    CoffeeScript

common-dustjs-helpers is an npm module that offers a small library of helper functions for the Dust.js web-templating framework (and the LinkedIn fork of Dust.js). This library is largely complementary to LinkedIn's dustjs-helpers library. The philosophy behind common-dustjs-helpers is the same as that behind dust.js itself--namely that templates should contain presentation-level logic, free from side effects (and hence composable and capable of running in parallel). In particular, you will not find helper functions that allow you to execute arbitrary JavaScript.

hapi-dust - hapi compatibility for dust.js

  •    Javascript

If you're using dustjs-linkedin, hapi-dust will also try to load dustjs-helpers, which you'll also need to install if you want helpers support.

grunt-dust-html - A grunt.js task to render Dust templates against a context & produce HTML

  •    Javascript

This task renders Dust templates against a context to produce HTML. Lastly, add the configuration settings (see below) to your grunt file.

dox-docco - A docco-like formatter for the dox comment parser

  •    Javascript

If pygments is not installed, syntax highlighting will be skipped. Dox parses block style JS comments, while Docco parses single-line comments. In effect, this is Docco for block-style comments. I also wanted to create an example Dox template using Dust.js. This basically glues these 3 technologies together.

ashes - ⚱️ Lightweight, self-contained templating for Python 2 and 3, a la Dust templates

  •    Python

Dust templating for Python 2 and 3. Also the most convenient, portable, and powerful command-line templating utility. There's also built-in bottle.py support, which works exactly like bottle's own template() function and view() decorator.

generator-powder - Powder.js Yeoman generator

  •    Javascript

Powder.js is a combination of existing frameworks, tools and libraries that allows fast and simple single page web applications creation. Optional server-side of powder.js is powered by Express.js. Express utilizes CSRF tokens via csurf as well as Helmet middleware with basic config for increased security. Server-side templating is done via Linkedin version of Dust.js.

layouts - Wraps templates with layouts

  •    Javascript

Wraps templates with layouts. Layouts can use other layouts and be nested to any depth. This can be used 100% standalone to wrap any kind of file with banners, headers or footer content. Use for markdown, HTML, handlebars views, lo-dash templates, etc. Layouts can also be vinyl files. Please consider following this project's author, Brian Woodward, and consider starring the project to show your ❤️ and support.

dustjs-helpers - Helpers for dustjs-linkedin

  •    Javascript

This repository holds context helpers for Dust. Context helpers are augments to the core Dust template syntax. It's possible to write your own helpers and extend the functionality of Dust's templating system.

dust - A helper do use dustjs-linkedin along with express 3.* for node.js

  •    Javascript

klei-dust is a helper (inspired by Consolidate) to use dustjs-linkedin templates as views along with express for node.js. The main advantage with klei-dust is that it supports relative paths for partials and base templates.

Awesome-Earth-Artificial-Intelligence - A curated list of Earth Science's Artificial Intelligence (AI) tutorials, notebooks, software, datasets, courses, books, video lectures and papers


A curated list of tutorials, notebooks, software, datasets, courses, books, video lectures and papers specifically for Artificial Intelligence (AI) use cases in Earth Science. Maintained by ESIP Machine Learning Cluster. Free and open to inspire AI for Good.

dustmite - A linter for DustJS templates

  •    Javascript

Dustmite is a linter for DustJS. It checks the syntax of your dust templates and then validates them against a configurable and extensible set of rules. The dust parsing is heavily inspired by Swiffer.js. or add dustmite as a dependency in the package.json for your project.

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