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jsonplaceholder - A simple online fake REST API server

  •    Javascript

JSONPlaceholder is a simple fake REST API for testing and prototyping.It's like an image placeholder but for web developers.

mimesis - Mimesis is a fast and easy to use library for Python, which helps generate synthetic data for a variety of purposes in a variety of languages

  •    Python

Mimesis is a fast and easy to use library for Python programming language, which helps generate synthetic data for a variety of purposes in a variety of languages. This data can be particularly useful during software development and testing. For example, it could be used to populate a testing database, create beautiful JSON and XML files, anonymize data taken from a production service, etc. You can find the complete documentation on the Read the Docs.

dyson - Node server for dynamic, fake JSON.

  •    Javascript

Node server for dynamic, fake JSON. When developing client-side applications, often either static JSON files, or an actual server, backend, datastore, or API, is used. Sometimes static files are too static, and sometimes an actual server is not available, not accessible, or too tedious to set up.

json-server - Get a full fake REST API with zero coding in less than 30 seconds

  •    Javascript

JSON Server is a full fake REST API with zero coding in less than 30 seconds Created with <3 for front-end developers who need a quick back-end for prototyping and mocking.

node-mocks-http - Mock 'http' objects for testing Express routing functions

  •    Javascript

Mock 'http' objects for testing Express routing functions, but could be used for testing any Node.js web server applications that have code that requires mockups of the request and response objects. This project is available as a NPM package.


  •    DotNet

Fabricator makes it easy to generate sample data during development of your .NET application whenever real data isn't available, takes a long time to access or has regular breaking changes.

node-garbage - Generate random garbage json data

  •    Javascript

Generate random garbage json data.Generate a random type of object with at most count nested types.

getlorem - A universal module for generating Lorem Ipsum placeholder text

  •    Javascript

Generate passages of Lorem Ipsum text, suitable for use as placeholder text in documents.This library can be used as a Node.js module as well as a being included as a standalone script on a page via Require.js or in a script tag.

node-sql-fixtures - SQL fixtures for Node.js in PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB and SQLite

  •    Javascript

Easily generate data that gets saved in the database, with foreign key dependencies automatically resolved. Ideal for integration tests and generating dummy data. Uses knex internally. sql-fixtures is not actively being worked on anymore, because it's pretty much done. I will still support it if any issues arise.

lorem-ipsum.js - A Node.js and Component.js module for generating lorem ipsum placeholder text

  •    Javascript

lorem-ipsum.js is a Node.js, Component.js, and React Native module for generating passages of lorem ipsum text. Lorem ipsum text is commonly used as placeholder text in publishing, graphic design, and web development. Install the lorem-ipsum.js module to use the library in your server-side Node.js projects.

hapi-dummy-api - Generate dummy APIs for hapi

  •    Javascript

Generate dummy APIs for hapi.js, for building clientside apps before the real API is done. Don't wait for the real thing to be done before you get started building the client app.

spooks.js - [UNMAINTAINED] Easily create JavaScript unit test spies and mock objects.

  •    Javascript

Easily create JavaScript unit test spies and mock objects. If you're into other package managers, it is also available from Bower, Component and Jam.

node-mocks - Suite of mocks for node.js (fs, http) + some testing utils...

  •    CoffeeScript

Set of mocks and utilities for easier unit testing with Node.js. See http://howtonode.org/testing-private-state-and-mocking-deps for better explanation.

mail-null - Fake SMTP server that doesn't deliver the received emails

  •    Javascript

Meet /mail/null, a dummy SMTP server for development. Instead of relaying messages it renders them in a simple web interface for easy browsing. The server listens for connections on port 2525 (SMTP) and 3000 (HTTP). This can be overridden by setting the environment variables SMTP_PORT and PORT.

puppet-windows-hardening - Hardening Standalone Windows Server installations

  •    Puppet

Hardening Standalone Windows Server installations. LIST OF RULES NOT A PLUGIN

forcem-ipsum - a Star Wars dummy text generator

  •    Javascript

Or download the JavaScript file and incorporate it into your preferred workflow.

dummyjs - dummyjs.com placeholder text & images for HTML prototyping

  •    HTML

Speed up and crash test your front-end builds and HTML prototypes with Dummy Text, Placeholder Images, Kitchen Sink elements and tools for easy duplicating and repeating of markup. Going through the front-end creation process requires the frequent need to test with dynamic images and text of various sizes to battle test the html + css styling. This can be a time consuming manual step, but also a crucial one to simulating user generated content, testing word wrapping, repeating of elements, etc. To battle test the front end for these edge cases not only quicker, but more thoroughly, the first version of DummyJs was realized to add a layer of automation to this process.

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