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no-player - Simplified Player wrapper for MediaPlayer and ExoPlayer

  •    Java

A simplified Android Player wrapper for MediaPlayer and ExoPlayer. We always welcome people to contribute new features or bug fixes, here is how.

playkit-android - PlayKit: Kaltura Mobile Player SDK for Android

  •    Java

If you are a Kaltura customer, please contact your Kaltura Customer Success Manager to help facilitate use of this component. Please see our VPaaS Documentation site.

playkit-ios - PlayKit: Kaltura Player SDK for iOS

  •    Swift

If you are a Kaltura customer, please contact your Kaltura Customer Success Manager to help facilitate use of this component. Please see our VPaaS Documentation site.

widevine - Golang Client for Widevine Cloud

  •    Go

Golang Client API for Widevine Cloud. You can also use this package to create a license proxy.

SimpleLicensing - A Go Based Licensing System for Digital Rights Management

  •    Go

Included is a simple Server i built to handle the backend things, a database.sql file (you need to import into MySQL), the main package (License.go), and a example client show you how it could be used. This is something i put together fast, but it works. Feel free to use it as you please.

shaka-player-embedded - Shaka Player in a C++ Framework

  •    C++

Shaka Player Embedded is a framework that runs Shaka Player in native (C++) apps. This gives a cross-platform interface to Shaka Player allowing native apps to use the player. Your native apps can now be built with the same features, behavior, and API as your Shaka-based web apps. In addition to the C++ API, we provide a high-level wrapper for iOS called ShakaPlayerView which can be used from either Objective-C or Swift.

drm - Direct Rendering Manager in pure Go

  •    Go

The Direct Rendering Manager (DRM) is a kernel framework to manage Graphical Processing Units (GPU). It's a kernel abstractions to GPU drivers and a userspace API designed to support the needs of complex graphics devices. DRM was first implemented on Linux but ported to FreeBSD, NetBSD and Solaris (others?). It's the lower level interface between opengl and the graphics card. With this Go library, theoretically, now it's possible to create a X server or a pure OpenGL library in Go (no bindings).

drm-rs - A low-level abstraction of the Direct Rendering Manager API

  •    Rust

This library is a safe interface to the Direct Rendering Manager API found on various operating systems. This library is currently a work in progress.

downstream_electron - DOWNstream For Electron

  •    Javascript

DOWNstream is an open-source plugin to use with Electron allowing encrypted MPEG-DASH and Smooth Streaming streams to be safely downloaded and stored locally on a user’s Windows or Mac computer. To simplify the use of Widevine DRM and allow protected playback of offline content within Electron castLabs has created a fork with support for Widevine CDM installation, Verified Media Path (VMP), and protected storage of offline licenses. Such a release is installed by the default npm package scripts, see Development and Build sections below.

electron-releases - castLabs Electron for Content Security

  •    Python

This is a fork of Electron created with the goal of facilitating the use of Google's Widevine Content Decryption Module (CDM) for DRM-enabled playback within Electron, including support for Verified Media Path (VMP) and protected storage of licenses for offline playback scenarios. It is intended to be used as a drop-in replacement for a regular Electron build and currently supports Windows and macOS platforms. To achieve this the necessary Widevine DRM components will be installed on first launch and enabled as an option for playback of DRM protected content using common EME APIs. By default, if the installation of any Widevine DRM component fails the application will display an error and exit (this can be overridden). If it succeeds an event will be emitted to the application indicating that Widevine is ready to be used.