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reactos - A free Windows-compatible Operating System

  •    C

ReactOS™ is an Open Source effort to develop a quality operating system that is compatible with applications and drivers written for the Microsoft® Windows™ NT family of operating systems (NT4, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, Seven). The ReactOS project, although currently focused on Windows Server 2003 compatibility, is always keeping an eye toward compatibility with Windows Vista and future Windows NT releases.

study - A simple, progressive, client/server AB testing library 📚

  •    Javascript

A progressive, client/server AB testing library. Study is an AB testing library designed to be clear, minimal, and flexible. It works in both the server and browser with the use of driver-based persistence layers.

p4c-xdp - Backend for the P4 compiler targeting XDP

  •    C

This work presents a P4 compiler backend targeting XDP, the eXpress Data Path. P4 is a domain-specific language describing how packets are processed by the data plane of a programmable network elements, including network interface cards, appliances, and virtual switches. With P4, programmers focus on defining the protocol parsing, matching, and action executions, instead of the platform-specific language or implementation details.XDP is designed for users who want programmability as well as performance. XDP allows users to write a C-like packet processing program and loads into the device driver's receiving queue. When the device observes an incoming packet, before hanging the packet to the Linux stack, the user-defined XDP program is triggered to execute against the packet payload, making the decision as early as possible.

faunadb-go - Go driver for FaunaDB

  •    Go

A Go lang driver for FaunaDB. The tutorials in the FaunaDB documentation contain driver-specific examples.

faunadb-js - Node

  •    Javascript

A Javascript driver for FaunaDB. View reference JSDocs here.

faunadb-jvm - Scala and Java driver for FaunaDB

  •    Java

This repository contains the FaunaDB drivers for the JVM languages. Currently, Java, Android and Scala clients are implemented. To build and run tests against cloud, set the env variable FAUNA_ROOT_KEY to your admin key secret and run sbt test from the project directory.

faunadb-python - Python driver for FaunaDB

  •    Python

Python driver for FaunaDB. Driver documentation is available at https://faunadb.readthedocs.org/en/latest/.

faunadb-ruby - Ruby driver for FaunaDB

  •    Ruby

Ruby driver for FaunaDB. The driver documentation is hosted on GitHub Pages.

commuter - Commute times on the command line!

  •    Go

Download the appropriate commuter binary from the Releases page. The first time you run commuter, you'll be prompted to provide a Google Maps API Key and default location.

vulkan-overlay - Gentoo overlay for Vulkan

  •    Shell

This layer provides an attempt to get the AMD Beta drivers working on Gentoo. This is a massive hack to try to get the beta driver's to work on Gentoo.

nVidia-modded-Inf - Modified nVidia .inf files to run drivers on all cards

  •    Batchfile

This project is unofficial and not in any relationship or supported by nVidia Cooperation. This project only support x64 Windows versions, if you like to see x86 ask nVidia to extend the support or make a pull request.

goflying - Go tools for flying

  •    Go

Go package implementing an Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS) for use in the stratux package, including simulation.

faunadb-js-release - FaunaDB Javascript Driver packaged for the browser.

  •    Javascript

FaunaDB Javascript Driver packaged for the browser. Please, check https://github.com/fauna/faunadb-js for more information.

faunadb-csharp - C# driver for FaunaDB

  •    CSharp

or by using your IDE and searching for FaunaDB.Client. This small example shows how to use pretty much every aspect of the library.

faunadb-swift - Swift driver for FaunaDB

  •    Swift

Check out the Swift-specific reference documentation. You can find more information in the FaunaDB documentation and in our example project.

coreos-gpu-installer - Scripts to build and use a container to install GPU drivers on CoreOS Container Linux

  •    Shell

This repository contains scripts to build Docker containers that can be used to download, compile and install Nvidia GPU drivers on CoreOS Container Linux OS images.

hw - Microcontroller and PC periphery and device drivers, e.g. TFT, Touch pad, SD card etc.

  •    C

This Hardware Library is written mainly for the Littlev Graphics Library. If you would like to create GUI for an embedded system you should visit its repository or website. There are drivers for different microcontroller families and even for PC. You can easily change between families by modifying a define in hw_conf.h because all drivers use the same API.