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apps-script-samples - Apps Script samples for G Suite products.

  •    Javascript

Various sample code and projects for the Google Apps Script platform, a JavaScript platform in the cloud.

gcsf - a FUSE file system based on Google Drive

  •    Rust

GCSF is a virtual filesystem that allows users to mount their Google Drive account locally and interact with it as a regular disk partition. You can find out more in this paper. An AUR package is maintained by axionl: gcsf-git.

drive-db - :bar_chart: A Google Drive spreadsheet simple database

  •    Javascript

A Google Drive spreadsheet simple database. Stop wasting your time when a simple table is enough. Perfect for collaboration with multiple people editing the same spreadsheet.

MyDrive - Open Source Cloud Server (Similar To Google Drive)

  •    Javascript

MyDrive is an Open Source Cloud Server (Similar To Google Drive), the service uses mongoDB to store file/folder metadata, and supports multiple databases to store the file chunks, such as Amazon S3, the Filesystem, or just MongoDB. MyDrive is built using Node.js, and Typescript. The service now even supports Docker images!



NetSysInfo is a free software which displays information about system like Uptime, CPU, Memory, Drives devices, Network adapters, Disk Usage, Processes, Services and more.

Amalgam: Place FTP target as a HDD into Windows OS

  •    DotNet

Synonyms: alloy, amalgamation, blend, combination, combo, fusion This will make an FTP target appear as a source drive within the windows OS (i.e. in Explorer or a DOS box). It will allow Media playback, file updates, backup programs etc. to function as if they are talking...

spreadsheet-to-json - Convert Google Spreadsheets to JSON using Javascript

  •    Javascript

Uses the google-spreadsheet library to fetch data.This can be useful when you want people edit spreadsheets and need to work with the data.

googledoc-to-json - Read a Google Drive Doc and convert to JSON (via ArchieML)

  •    Javascript

Read a Google Drive Doc and convert to JSON (via ArchieML)

node-google-drive - Node.js library to access Google Drive's API.

  •    Javascript

Node.js library to access Google Drive's API.Work in progress -- needs to integrate with OAuth example client/secret, also look into client id stuff.

skipper-disk - Streaming file uploads to a server's local filesystem

  •    Javascript

Local filesystem adapter for receiving upstreams. Particularly useful for streaming multipart file uploads from the Skipper body parser.This module is part of the default configuration in Sails.

octo-drive - Turn your GitHub repository into encrypted filesystem (=

  •    Javascript

octo-drive helps you turn github repository into enctypted filesystem. It is based on fuse (fuse-bindings for node) that helps create userspace filesystems.Then it will ask about drive secret, all the data will be encoded with this secret.

df - Get free disk space info from `df -kP`

  •    Javascript

Works on any Unix based system like macOS and Linux.Created because all the other df wrappers are terrible. This one uses simple and explicit parsing. Uses execFile rather than exec. Ensures better platform portability by using the -P flag. Returns sizes in bytes instead of kilobytes and the capacity as a float.

google-drive-downloader - Lists and downloads files from google drive

  •    Javascript

Lists and downloads files from google drive. It can easily filter files on date and find a specific sub-folder to iterate through. 0.2+ runs on Node 4+ only. It can run on older Node.js through Babel.

cordova-plugin-jc-googledrive - Cordova plugin to integrate Google Drive Rest API on your hybrid application

  •    Java

This plugin allows you to authenticate and access user's Google Drive account, using the new Rest API as recommended (Read more here). cd development && cordova platform add android. Hereafter you can work with development/platforms/android in Android Studio.

cNVMe - An NVMe Device Simulation Library.

  •    C++

An NVMe Device Simulation Library. Users may be interested to see what happens in a surrounding ecosystem if a certain command fails, passes, or returns data in a Vendor-Unique format. To provide for this need, cNVMe has the Command Response API (also known as CRAPI).

node-samples - Node samples for G Suite APIs.

  •    Javascript

Node.js samples for G Suite API docs. In about five minutes, you'll have a simple Node command-line application that makes requests to a Google API.

ODrive - Google Drive GUI for Windows / Mac / Linux

  •    Javascript

Clone and run for a quick way to see ODrive (OpenSource Drive) in action. This is a GUI client for Google Drive on linux application based on the https://electron.atom.io/.

node-clouddrive - Node SDK and CLI for Amazon's Cloud Drive

  •    Javascript

Amazon's Cloud Drive offers unlimited cloud storage but no good way to interact with your data (upload, download, find, etc). The web app is lacking and the desktop app is sub-par. So here's a command-line interface and SDK for interacting with Cloud Drive as if it were a filesystem. Before using the CLI, the config values for the application will need to be set. Use the config command to view and set the available options.

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