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react-sortable - A sortable list component built with React

  •    Javascript

Higher-order component for creating sortable lists with minimalistic implementation and without polyfills. Using just React.js and HTML5 DragEvent interface. Mainly tested in latest stable Webkit, Firefox and IE.

lrDragNDrop - A drag and drop module for angularjs

  •    Javascript

lrDragNDrop is a drag and drop module for Angularjs which allows to drag items from one collection and drop to another one; or reorder the items within the same collection.It is about 150 lines of code and has no dependency to third party library (except the framework itself).

vue-drag-tree - Vue's Drag And Drop Tree Components || Demo

  •    Javascript

It's a tree components(Vue2.x) that allow you to drag and drop the node to exchange their data . 中文 || Please Star! if it's helpful.

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