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tink - a dependency unwinder for javascript

  •    Javascript

tink is an experimental package manager for JavaScript. Don't expect to be able to use this with any of your existing projects. This package is still in development. Do not use it for production. It is missing major features and the interface should be considered extremely unstable.

dezoomify - Download images from websites using Zoomify, Deep Zoom, and other zoomable image formats

  •    Javascript

Dezoomify downloads images from online zoomable image interfaces. It works with several zoomable image tools, from several different websites (see the list below).The URL of a webpage containing a zoomable image viewer.

YoutubeExplode - The ultimate dirty YouTube library

  •    CSharp

YoutubeExplode is a library that provides an interface to query metadata of YouTube videos, playlists and channels, as well as to resolve and download video streams and closed caption tracks. Behind a layer of abstraction, the library parses raw page content and uses reverse-engineered AJAX requests to retrieve information. As it doesn't use the official API, there's also no need for an API key and there are no usage quotas.YoutubeExplode has a single entry point, the YoutubeClient class -- all available integration API can be accessed by calling methods of this class.

work_crawler - 小说漫画下载工具:腾讯漫画 哦漫画 看漫画 漫画台 汗汗酷漫 爱漫画 网易漫画 快看漫画 733动漫网 动漫之家 动漫屋 動漫屋 古风漫画网;アルファポリス カクヨム ハーメルン 小説家になろう 八一中文网 顶点小说 落霞小说网 卡提諾論壇→epub

  •    Javascript

小说漫画下载工具:腾讯漫画 哦漫画 看漫画 漫画台 汗汗酷漫 爱漫画 网易漫画 快看漫画 733动漫网 动漫之家 动漫屋 動漫屋 古风漫画网;アルファポリス カクヨム ハーメルン 小説家になろう 八一中文网 顶点小说 落霞小说网 卡提諾論壇→epub. Download online novels, comics. 小說漫畫下載

NappDownloadManager-mod - Download Manager for Appcelerator Titanium (modified)

  •    Java

This is a download module for Appcelerator Titanium that allows you to add urls and download the files in the background. These versions of the original NappDownloadManager modules have been updated and modified by @kosso.

endl - 💾 Link Extractor and File Downloader

  •    CoffeeScript

endl is a Node.js module for extracting links from web pages and downloading them. endl has a very simple also an advanced API for link extracting, file downloading, executing and unzipping.

8tracks-downloader - :musical_score: Bash script to download playlists from 8tracks

  •    Shell

A bash script to download playlists from 8tracks. It's a very hackish way of doing it, but works for me.

codecourse-downloader - codecourse.com video downloader.

  •    PHP

Download codecourse.com videos. Inspired from iamfreee/laracasts-downloader. Download or update your local catalogue with codecourse.com series.

clypdown - Downloader for https://clyp.it

  •    Python

I was trying to download a tune from clyp and the download button was not enabled. No fear, the API comes to the rescue and we can ignore this. The process of how I created clypdown is documented fully in this Steemit post.

go-download - Library for interruptable, resumable download acceleration with automatic Accept-Ranges support

  •    Go

Pull requests, bug fixes and issue reports are welcome. Before proposing a change, please discuss your change by raising an issue.

goodls - This is a CLI tool to download shared files and folders from Google Drive.

  •    Go

This is a CLI tool to download shared files and folders from Google Drive. For large file, the resumable download can be also run. We have already known that the shared files on Google Drive can be downloaded without the authorization. But when the size of file becomes large (about 40MB), it requires a little ingenuity to download the file. It requires to access 2 times to Google Drive. At 1st access, it retrieves a cookie and a code for downloading. At 2nd access, the file is downloaded using the cookie and code. I created this process as a CLI tool.

spotifydownload - A dependency-free Spotify playlist downloader that should just work

  •    Go

Automatically download your Spotify playlists. spotifydownload is an open-source tool that makes it easy to download your Spotify playlists, using getsong to find the corect song and download it and convert it to an mp3.

instago - Download/access photos, videos, stories, story highlights, postlives, following and followers of Instagram

  •    Go

Get Instagram media (photos and videos), stories, story highlights, postlives (live stream that shared to stories after end), following and followers in Go. The following three values are must to access the Instagram API.

Saavn-Downloader - Saavn Playlist & Album Downloader

  •    Python

PoC for vulnerability in Saavn App researched by Arun, I added extra Ingridient to fetch playlist and album by Saavn Rest API.

addic7ed-ruby - Ruby script to fetch subtitles on Addic7ed (auto-downloader)

  •    Ruby

I'll publish some beta versions of the gem before merging the PR into master and releasing a final version (remember that the gem will no longer include a CLI tool). I'd love to receive some feedback about it, so feel free to send me an email.

dl - a concurrent http file downloader

  •    Go

a concurrent http file downloader,support rate limit, resume from break-point. support HTTP_PROXY or HTTPS_PROXY environment parameter to setup proxy.

WaveSDK - WaveSDK, 让音乐跟上你的步频,根据跑步记录,智能推送歌曲,可高度化定制二次开发,为Android开发者提供了简单,快捷的接口 跑嗨乐.

  •    Java

WaveSDK, 让音乐跟上你的步频,根据跑步记录,智能推送歌曲,可高度化定制二次开发,为Android开发者提供了简单,快捷的接口 跑嗨乐(源码并未开放,仅提供使用方法,本项目属于demo级别,如有侵权,请联系我删除整个项目). Email: cuieney@163.com link.

pullcord - Discord archiver

  •    Go

Pullcord is a Discord archiver. It downloads channel logs, server logs, attachments, avatars, server icons, server splashes and emoji. Right now the only implemented mode is history. It is used for downloading channel history, server history and all related files. A realtime mode is planned.

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