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Vers - Effortless data model versioning for Javascript and Node.js

  •    Javascript

Vers requires an environment that supports the Promise/A+ specification as standardized in ES6. Node.js version 0.12.0 and up is great right out of the box (no --harmony flag necessary), as well as the latest versions of many browsers. To support older browsers, just include a Promise library such as Bluebird. Function options.getVersion: A function that accepts an object as its only argument, and returns either the current version identifier of the object as a number or string, or a Promise that resolves to the current version identifier. By default, Vers will use the object's version property if it exists, or 1 if it doesn't. number|string options.latest: The latest version identifier available for this model. If not specified, Vers will detect the latest version by calling Math.max on each version specified in addConverter(). For string-based versions, this option should be specified.

downgrade - Sets the user identity of the process to `www-data`

  •    Javascript

The arguments can be either a numerical ID or a username/group string. If a string is specified, this method blocks while resolving it to a numerical ID.If the current user's permissions do not allow the user identity to be changed, this function will do nothing (no-op).

php-code-downgrade - Make your PHP 5.4+ codebase compatible with PHP 5.3.

  •    PHP

Tool to downgrade your PHP codebase from PHP 5.4+ to PHP 5.3. Built on top of galapagos. Consider including php5.3-compatibility package in your project, which includes JsonSerializable and SessionHandlerInterface.

ce-v0 - Custom Elements V0 API

  •    Javascript

A cross browser document.registerElement without built-in extends. Simply include the polyfill on top of your page and use document.registerElement(name, info) like the good old days.

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