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Delivery Boy

  •    LINQ

This is primarly an academic project to explore .NET 3.5, specifically LINQ to SQL, Windows Workflow, WCF, ASP.NET AJAX and more. The idea is to create a fictitiuos ASP (that could become real if someone wanted to but it is not the intent of the project) that is a mashup id...

WikiPlex Html Editor Provider for DotNetNuke


A WikiPlex based Html Editor Provider for DotNetNuke.

DNN Toolkit

  •    ASPNET

These are 3 DNN Modules, FAQ Module, Glossary Module and City Tax Locater Module...

Eneta community portal


Eneta is a SharePoint 2010 based community platform built to support Microsoft technical communities. The portal features forums, catalogue for companies, book and journal library, RSS agregator for blogs, news and many other modules essential for a nowadays online community.

DNN Azure Accelerator


DNN Azure Accelerator is a project to publish the famous DNN Content Management System (formerly DotNetNuke) on the Windows Azure Platform as a Cloud Service.

Client per la digitalizzazione di documenti integrato con DotNetNuke


Questo applicativo in ambiente windows 32bit consente di digitalizzare documenti con piu scanner contemporaneamente, processare OCR in 17 Lingue (puma.net) ed inviare il tutto mediante webservice ad un server dove è installato DotNetNuke

Survey Nuke

  •    ASPNET

Survey Nuke is a survey and form software that allows you to create and deploy easily without any technical knowledge web based forms to gather important feedback from your customers, employees or website visitors. Once you've gathered all this information Survey Nuke provide...

BugNET Library


This is a library dll so DNN programmers can integrate BugNET within their modules more easliy.

CommunityServer to DotNetNuke Conversion Project


This project is for helping you with the process of converting from CommunityServer to DotNetNuke. Currently it provides SQL Scripts for CS 2.1 to DNN Forum 5.0.0, in the future we might support Blog, Photo and File conversion as well.