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DotNetArchitecture - Architecture cross-platform with

  •    CSharp

Solution to apply and share new knowledge and technologies and to serve as architecture for new projects. Web: This layer contains the api and the frontend, responsible for interaction with the user to obtain and display data.

YAXLib - Yet Another XML Serialization Library for the .NET Framework and .NET Core

  •    CSharp

YAXLib is a flexible XML serialization library that lets developers design freely the XML file structure, choose among private and public fields to be serialized, and serialize all known collection classes and arrays (single-dimensional, multi-dimensional, and jagged arrays) in the .NET Framework. YAXLib can be used as a powerful XML parser or generator, that exploits the object to XML mapping in the class definitions themselves.

devdigest.today - Developers news and events

  •    CSharp

Project supported by .NET Core Ukrainian User Group, Microsoft Azure Ukraine User Group and Xamarin Ukraine User Group.

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