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viz.js - A hack to put Graphviz on the web.

  •    Javascript

This project builds Graphviz with Emscripten and provides a simple wrapper for using it in the browser. For more information, see the wiki.

change-case - Convert strings between camelCase, PascalCase, Title Case, snake_case and more

  •    Javascript

Convert strings between camelCase, PascalCase, Title Case, snake_case, lowercase, UPPERCASE, CONSTANT_CASE and more. All methods support Unicode (non-ASCII characters) and non-string entities, such as objects with a toString property, numbers and booleans. Empty values (null and undefined) will result in an empty string.



Dot2Silverlight is a project thats enables to render graphs (written in Dot format) in Silverlight. dot2silverlight, dot, silverlight, C#, graphviz, xdot, plain, layout graphs, shortest path

solgraph - Visualize Solidity control flow for smart contract security analysis

  •    Javascript

Generates a DOT graph that visualizes function control flow of a Solidity contract and highlights potential security vulnerabilities.

flatten-obj - Converts an object literal with deeply nested nodes to a simple key/value object

  •    Javascript

If you are familiar with MongoDB you know though that it's possible to update single elements of an array using the dot-notation-syntax.

d3-dot - D3 dot chart

  •    Javascript

D3 dot graph. See source for examples and documentation.

sort-on - Sort an array on an object property

  •    Javascript

Returns a new sorted array.The string can be a dot path to a nested object property. Prepend it with - to sort it in descending order.

dotty - Access properties of nested objects using dot-path notation

  •    Javascript

Access properties of nested objects using dot-path notation. Dotty makes it easy to programmatically access arbitrarily nested objects and their properties.

dotenv-parse-variables - Parse dotenv files for Boolean, Array, and Number variable types, built for Lad

  •    Javascript

Parse dotenv files for Boolean, Array, and Number variable types, built for CrocodileJS.After using this plugin, the environment variables are parsed to their proper types.

find-config - Like findup-sync, but 2-4x faster and supports XDG-style `.config/` directories.

  •    Javascript

Finds the first matching config file, if any, in the current directory, nearest ancestor, or user's home directory. Supports finding files within a subdirectory of an ancestor directory. Configurable with defaults set to support the XDG Base Directory Specification for configuration files.Because this module is intended to find consistently named configuration files, it is case-sensitive and does not support globs. If you need a more generic solution, see findup-sync or look-up.

anybar - Control the AnyBar app

  •    Javascript

Returns a promise, but AnyBar.app doesn't send back a reply, so really the only point of waiting for the promise to resolve is in case of an obscure DNS error.Name of the color dot you want AnyBar.app to display.

anybar-cli - Control the AnyBar app

  •    Javascript

Also includes a binary to show whether a command exited successfully or with a failure.If the AVA tests passes it will be green or red if they fail.

dot - mongodb dot notation implementation

  •    Javascript

MongoDB-style "dot notation" querying for JavaScript.Queries the given path in obj.

grunt-dot-compiler - Compile doT templates for ready to use in node and client

  •    Javascript

With version 0.4 you can set in-template-vars. Which means, when you load a partial you can set specific variables right in the template.

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