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homeassistant - Example Home Assistant Configs

  •    Shell

My personal Home Assistant configurations with 300+ automations. These are my active automations and configurations that I use every day. Updated frequently as I add more devices and come up with more and more complicated ways to do simple tasks. Many of my automations rely on some form of lighting but many examples can be found in lights.yaml and location.yaml.

doorbot - Ring.com Doorbell API

  •    Javascript

I built this because of this tweet.I have nothing to do with Ring.com, they just annoyed me with that tweet, so I figured out their api..

sip_call - SIP client for ESP32 to initiate a phone call from a door bell

  •    C++

On startup the application associates with the compiled in wlan access point and registers on the SIP server. Once a signal is detected on the selected GPIO, a call is initiated to a target number. On the phone, the custom string is displayed. After the configured timeout is elapsed, the call is canceled. If the signal is detected again, before the timer is elapsed, the timer is started again.

klocka - Smart Doorbell? Pi-Powered "Smart" Doorbell!

  •    Rust

Smart Doorbell? Pi-Powered "Smart" Doorbell!

homebridge-http-doorbell - Network based doorbell plugin for homebridge

  •    Javascript

This plugin offers you a doorbell that can be triggerd via an HTTP request. Chances are you are going to need sudo with that.