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rust-doom - A Doom Renderer written in Rust.

  •    Rust

A little Doom 1 & 2 Renderer written in Rust. Mostly written while I was learning the language about 2 years ago, so it might not the best example of Rust code! PR-s are welcome. The code is mostly based on the endlessly useful Doom Wiki and the Unofficial Doom Specs. It is not a port of the original Doom C source code into Rust; I've been doing my best to make the code as idiomatic as possible and have not looked at the original in a long time.

ViZDoom - Doom-based AI Research Platform for Reinforcement Learning from Raw Visual Information

  •    C++

ViZDoom allows developing AI bots that play Doom using only the visual information (the screen buffer). It is primarily intended for research in machine visual learning, and deep reinforcement learning, in particular. ViZDoom is based on ZDoom to provide the game mechanics.

littlewolf - The tiny software graphics and game engine

  •    C

Littlewolf aims to be a very minimalistic software graphics engine reminiscent to some of the early works of Carmack at id.

chocolate-doom - Chocolate Doom is a Doom source port that is minimalist and historically accurate.

  •    C

Chocolate Doom aims to accurately reproduce the original DOS version of Doom and other games based on the Doom engine in a form that can be run on modern computers. Originally, Chocolate Doom was only a Doom source port. The project now includes ports of Heretic and Hexen, and Strife.

Doom 64 Ex (SVN Builds)


All of these builds are out of date head to the DoomWorld forums for the latest updates on Doom64Ex

dos3d - Software renderer for DOS (mode 13h)

  •    C

This is a triangle based renderer which utilizes the neat property of mode 13h allowing the programmer to access video memory in the same way one would write to an array of bytes. It is also an attempt to provide working DOS code to the public, since finding it on the Internet is getting increasingly more difficult. The idea behind this project is to use as much "platform independent" code as possible on a now forgotten OS. As such, there's little to no DOS-specific assembly present and the rendering code can be fairly quickly ported to any contemporary platform. The project can be built out of the box using the Open Watcom compiler. This was chosen, since Watcom comes with easy to use memory extender for DOS.

doom-wasm - Chocolate Doom WebAssembly port with WebSockets support

  •    C

This is a Chocolate Doom WebAssembly port with WebSockets support. Doom should start (local mode, no network). Check doom-workers if you want to run multiplayer locally.

doom-workers - Website and Message Router source code for the Multiplayer Doom on Cloudflare Workers tech demo

  •    Javascript

Adjust wrangler-site.toml to your account_id and zone_id. Just supports the network multiplayer in our Silent Space Marine showcase project.

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