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CSV to Infopath Migration Tool


This is a tool I wrote to help me migrate data from Domino databases into Infopath documents hosted on a Sharepoint Form Library. The tool takes a CSV source file and creates a new Infopath document for each record. The user is presented with an interface to map fields between...

gulp-chug - Run external gulpfiles as part of a gulp task inside another gulpfile

  •    Javascript

A gulp plugin for running external gulpfiles as part of a gulp task inside another gulpfile. gulp-chug is non-modifying, i.e., gulp-chug will return the same stream it receives. See Use with other plugins for an example.

domino-problem - Algorithms to solve the problem of counting odd numbers resulted by the sum of a domino parts

  •    Python

During Python Brasil [12] in FLorianópolis - Brazil I took a cab and the taxi driver, called Luiz, listened me and my friends talking about computer science stuff. Then he look at us with a smiling face and said: "Are you from google generation?". There is a table game called Dominó. This game pieces are divided in two parts. Both parts has a number between 0 and 6. Each pair of numbers never repeat and there is no inverse pieace with this numbers.

backbone.isomorphic - Isomorphic Backbone and Marionette

  •    Javascript

Run the following commands to initialize the project. backbone.isomorphic provides npm postinstall scripts which overwrites the backbone.js and marionette.js library files. The advantage of this method is that you can continue to use standard Backbone and Marionette in your projects, then the required updates to make then work in an isomorphic environment are automatically applied for you.

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