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TensorComprehensions - A domain specific language to express machine learning workloads.

  •    C++

Tensor Comprehensions (TC) is a fully-functional C++ library to automatically synthesize high-performance machine learning kernels using Halide, ISL and NVRTC or LLVM. TC additionally provides basic integration with Caffe2 and PyTorch. We provide more details in our paper on arXiv. This library is designed to be highly portable, machine-learning-framework agnostic and only requires a simple tensor library with memory allocation, offloading and synchronization capabilities.

DeepLearning.scala - A simple library for creating complex neural networks

  •    Scala

DeepLearning.scala is a simple library for creating complex neural networks from object-oriented and functional programming constructs. Like other deep learning toolkits, DeepLearning.scala allows you to build neural networks from mathematical formulas. It supports floats, doubles, GPU-accelerated N-dimensional arrays, and calculates derivatives of the weights in the formulas.


  •    Haskell


rascal - The implementation of the Rascal meta-programming language (including interpreter, type checker, parser generator, compiler and JVM based run-time system)

  •    Java

This is the core implementation of the Rascal meta-programming language. It contains the interpreter, the parser generator, the parser run-time, the standard library, the online documentation and the type checker. Rascal is used in practice, but we consider it to be alpha software because we are still improving the language.

SociableWeaver - Build declarative GraphQL queries in Swift.

  •    Swift

Swift meets GraphQL in this lightweight, easy to use framework. SociableWeaver uses a declarative style of programming and makes GraphQL queries look natural in Swift code. Through the use of Swift 5.1 function builders and CodingKeys, SociableWeaver removes all of the need for unsafe strings and Dictionaries when creating objects and fields. Xcode 11.x or a Swift 5.1x toolchain with Swift Package Manager.

ufl - UFL - Unified Form Language

  •    Python

The Unified Form Language (UFL) is a domain specific language for declaration of finite element discretizations of variational forms. More precisely, it defines a flexible interface for choosing finite element spaces and defining expressions for weak forms in a notation close to mathematical notation. Documentation can be viewed at https://fenics-ufl.readthedocs.org/.

Voila - Voila is a domain-specific language launched through CLI tool for operating with files and directories in massive amounts in a fast & reliable way

  •    Rust

Voila is a DSL (domain-specific language) for interacting in a fast, reliable, versatile, safe & multithreaded way with files & directories. It is based on a CLI tool, although you can write your Voila code and do something like this voila DIRECTORY "$(cat operations.vla)". Voila is mainly tested in Linux, so should work better in *nix (Linux, *BSD, macOS, etc) than in Windows-based operating systems, but shouldn't be any problems on them. Voila is completely cross-platform. Voila scripts are interpreted, but optionally you can compile it like you'd do with other programming languages.

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