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  •    ASPNET

A light web development framework based on microsoft .net platform; main technical 1. all data crud option using jquery ajax to access web service. 2. using Nhibernate 3.2 RC 3. using SQLite database.



CodeCampServer is a free, open source Code Camp management web application. Built on the ASP.NET MVC Framework, this project was founded by Jeffrey Palermo and has been contributed to by many people over the past year+. CodeCampServer is in active development, and uses MvcContrib

Versatile DataSources

  •    ASPNET

2 DataSource controls for ASP.NET. EntityDAODataSource improves upon the ideas behind the DomainDataSource. POCODataSource lets you work with POCO classes. Both support Dynamic Data and establish a strong separation of concerns between UI and business logic.

Mind Chemistry - Solution Framework


This project involves the creation of a cloud-based application builder, with outputs including the following types of apps: • Basic web site with content management features via web parts. • Advanced web applications following a tiered architecture using Domain Services...

Business & System Analysis Templates and Best Practices for Russian


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Empinia is a plugin-framework for the development of Windows-GUI-applications. It uses .NET and is written in C#. It provides an infrastructure making applications extendible by plugins. You can find us at http://www.empinia.org

Domain-Driver Framework


Domain-Driver is a generic framework that enables developers to quickly build rich, expressive domain models. It is both "decoupled from" and "compatible with" any persistence technology. The download includes an example using ADO .NET Entities Framework Code-First persistence.

ValueOf - Simple one-line ValueObject Types for C#

  •    CSharp

The Smell: Primitive Obsession is using primitive data types to represent domain ideas. For example, we use a String to represent a message, an Integer to represent an amount of money, or a Struct/Dictionary/Hash to represent a specific object. The Fix: Typically, we introduce a ValueObject in place of the primitive data, then watch like magic as code from all over the system shows FeatureEnvySmell and wants to be on the new ValueObject. We move those methods, and everything becomes right with the world. ValueOf lets you define ValueObject Types in a single line of code. Use them everywhere to strengthen your codebase.

DomainModelingMadeFunctional - Extended code samples related to the book "Domain Modeling Made Functional"

  •    F#

Extended code samples related to the book "Domain Modeling Made Functional". Buy the book here: https://pragprog.com/book/swdddf/domain-modeling-made-functional or here https://fsharpforfunandprofit.com/books/