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GopherGameServer - Gopher Game Server is a full featured, fast, and fully customizable multiplayer game server API written in Go

  •    Go

Gopher Game Server is designed to provide all necessary tools to greatly ease developments of any type of online game (or any real-time app/chat). Gopher will handle all server-side synchronizing and data type conversions, therefore, client actions receiving, variable setting, messaging, and other functionalities are unproblematic. Moreover, Gopher has a built-in, fully customizable SQL client authentication mechanism that creates and manages users' accounts for you. It even ties in a friending tool, so users can befriend and invite one another to groups, check each other's status, and more. All components are easily configurable and customizable for specific project's needs.

skrub - Irreversible file deletion on every OS

  •    Javascript

In contrast to rm, which leaves file contents unallocated in memory, skrub first floods file(s) with garbage data and then removes them forever. The current method is low fidelity and "will prevent the data from being retrieved simply by reading using standard system functions". Read more in the FAQ below or on Wikipedia here.

to-type - The way typeof should be

  •    Javascript

A JavaScript implementation of angus-c's Fixing the JavaScript typeof operator. to-type fixes these vague outputs by returning the types you expect to see.

Asynchronous - Implementation-agnostic asynchronous code

  •    Swift

To run the example project, clone the repo, and run pod install from the Example directory first. That's it! You simply create an Async and call resolve or reject once your task is finished.

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