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stream-reactor - Streaming reference architecture for ETL with Kafka and Kafka-Connect

  •    Scala

Lenses offers SQL (for data browsing and Kafka Streams), Kafka Connect connector management, cluster monitoring and more. A collection of components to build a real time ingestion pipeline.

orleans.storageprovider.documentdb - DocumentDB storage provider for Orleans

  •    CSharp

This is a StorageProvider for DocumentDB for the Microsoft Research Project Orleans. The storage provider allows to persist stateful grains into DocumentDB.You can obtain the Url and Key from Keys blade in Azure Portal's DocumentDB Account.

doqmentdb - A Promise-Based DocumentDB ODM Client for NodeJS

  •    Javascript

DoQmentDB is a tiny layer that provides the simplicity of MongoDB for DocumentDB users(support schema, hooks/middleware, atomic-transactions, udf and more).Create a DatabaseManager by passing connection and databaseName.

azure-documentdb-node-q - q promises wrapper for the Azure DocumentDB Node.js driver

  •    Javascript

This project provides a node module that makes it easy to interact with Azure DocumentDB.For documentation please see the Microsoft Azure Node.js Developer Center and the Microsoft Azure DocumentDB Node.js SDK Documentation.

vscode-cosmosdb - VS Code extension for Azure Cosmos DB

  •    TypeScript

Before we can accept your pull request you will need to sign a Contribution License Agreement. All you need to do is to submit a pull request, then the PR will get appropriately labelled (e.g. cla-required, cla-norequired, cla-signed, cla-already-signed). If you already signed the agreement we will continue with reviewing the PR, otherwise system will tell you how you can sign the CLA. Once you sign the CLA all future PR's will be labeled as cla-signed.This project has adopted the Microsoft Open Source Code of Conduct. For more information see the Code of Conduct FAQ or contact opencode@microsoft.com with any additional questions or comments.

fluent-plugin-documentdb - Azure DocumentDB output plugin for Fluentd

  •    Ruby

[NEWS] From fluent-plugin-documentdb-0.2.0, it supports partitioned collections, not only single-partition collections (See Partitioning and scaling in Azure DocumentDB for partitioned collections and single-partition collection ). fluent-plugin-documentdb will add id attribute which is UUID format and any other attributes of record automatically. In addition, it will add time and tag attributes if add_time_field and add_tag_field are true respectively. Please see 2 types of the plugin configurations example below - single-parition collection and partitioned collection. Source for fluentd to read is apache access log.

nitrite-database - Java embedded nosql document store

  •    Java

NOsql Object (NO2 a.k.a Nitrite) database is an open source nosql embedded document store written in Java. It has MongoDB like API. It supports both in-memory and single file based persistent store powered by MVStore engine of h2 database. Nitrite is a server-less embedded database ideal for desktop, mobile or small web applications.

Azure.Android - Android client SDKs for Microsoft Azure

  •    Kotlin

Azure.Android is a collection of SDKs for rapidly creating Android apps with modern, highly-scalable backends on Azure. This project is in active development and will change. As the SDKs become ready for use, they will be versioned and released. We will do our best to conduct all development openly by posting detailed requirements and managing the project using issues, milestones, and projects.

Azure.iOS - iOS client SDKs for Microsoft Azure

  •    Swift

Azure.iOS is a collection of SDKs for rapidly creating iOS apps with modern, highly-scalable backends on Azure. This project is in active development and will change.


  •    CSharp

Looking for the client SDKs? You can find them in the Azure.iOS and Azure.Android repos. Azure.Mobile is a framework for rapidly creating iOS and android apps with modern, highly-scalable backends on Azure.

azure-cosmos-js - JavaScript and Node.js library for Azure Cosmos DB

  •    TypeScript

This project provides JavaScript & Node.js SDK library for SQL API of Azure Cosmos Database Service. This project also includes samples, tools, and utilities. The SDK is not supported in Node v4 or below. Those Node.js versions are out of support and not recommended for production. Our support will only cover maintained versions of Node.js.

kafka-connect-ui - Web tool for Kafka Connect |

  •    Javascript

This is a web tool for Kafka Connect for setting up and managing connectors for multiple connect clusters.

barrel-platform - Distributed database for the modern world

  •    Javascript

Barrel is a modern document-oriented database in Erlang focusing on data locality (put/match the data next to you) and P2P. Barrel must also be able to work in unreliable conditions were sometimes the quorum can't be achieved (because it is working offline or in other conditions).

PDF2AzSearch - Azure Function & supporting framework to take PDF files, extract metadata using regular expressions, store the results in DocumentDB to be indexed and searchable by Azure Search

  •    Javascript

This Azure Function binds to an Azure Storage Blob container and triggers when a PDF file is stored. The function extracts text from the PDF file using pdf.js and using the supplies rules extracts metadata from the text & stores the result (text + metadata) in a DocumentDB collection which can then be used as a datasource for Azure Search. See functions/settings.sample.json for all Azure Function app settings. Rename this to local.settings.json if running under the Azure Function Command Line utility.

Azure-Cosmos-DB-and-DocumentDB-Succinctly - This is the companion repo for Azure CosmosDB and DocumentDB Succinctly by Ed Freitas

  •    CSharp

This is the companion repo for Azure Cosmos DB and DocumentDB Succinctly by Ed Freitas. Published by Syncfusion. Check out the entire library of more than 130 Succinctly e-books at https://www.syncfusion.com/ebooks.

Orleans.CosmosDB - Orleans providers for Azure Cosmos DB

  •    CSharp

Orleans is a framework that provides a straight-forward approach to building distributed high-scale computing applications, without the need to learn and apply complex concurrency or other scaling patterns. Azure CosmosDB is Microsoft's globally distributed, multi-model database. It is a database for extremely low latency and massively scalable applications anywhere in the world, with native support for NoSQL.

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