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DevDocs - API Documentation Browser

DevDocs combines multiple API documentations in a fast, organized, and searchable interface.Unless you wish to contribute to the project, I recommend using the hosted version at devdocs.io. It's up-to-date and works offline out-of-the-box.

Hugo - A Fast and Flexible Static Site Generator built with love in GoLang

A Fast and Flexible Static Site Generator built with love by spf13 and friends in Go.Hugo is a static HTML and CSS website generator written in Go. It is optimized for speed, ease of use, and configurability. Hugo takes a directory with content and templates and renders them into a full HTML website. Hugo is designed to work well for any kind of website including blogs, tumbles, and docs.

gatsby - ⚛️📄🚀 Blazing fast static site generator for React

This repository is a monorepo managed using Lerna. This means that we publish many packages to NPM from the same codebase.Thanks to our many contributors and sponsors as well as the companies sponsoring our testing and hosting infrastructure, Travis CI, Appveyor, and Netlify.

catalog - Create living style guides using Markdown or React

Catalog lets you create beautiful living and fully interactive style guides using Markdown and React components. Please read the Catalog documentation (built with Catalog!) for detailed installation and usage instructions.

Docute - Effortlessly documentation done right

Docute helps to write docs without build process. It is a .js file along with its theme assets, which you can add to a static .html file hosted anywhere.

dasht - 💁 Search API docs offline, in terminal or browser

The name "dasht" is a portmanteau of Dash and the letter "t", for terminal. Etymologically, "dasht" is Persian for plain, as in an flat expanse of land, which aptly characterizes the terminal environment where everything is text. Local search engine for web browsers.


ECMADoc generates professionally looking API documentation out of ECMAScript family of languages, such as JScript and JavaScript. Using the well known JDoc documentation format, developers can embed documentation right within the source code. This project is developed in C#.

Todoc: Visual Studio auto documentation

Todoc automatically adds documentation by analyzing the name of your methods and properties, and their access modifiers.


DBDocumenter, an interactive tool designed to generate the SQL Server 2000/2005/2008 documentation. It supports, export of documentation to HTML(WEB) format. It helps the developer , who's design the Data Layer for the application. He/she can easily find the name of column etc...

SPDocGen - SharePoint Documentation Generator

Automatically generate SharePoint Farm Documentation in a few seconds. The application uses the SharePoint Object Model API to produce an XML file containing data from a SharePoint Farm Deployment. The XML file is then transformed into a .doc file (WordML) via XSLT.

pydoctor - Documentation Tool for Python

pydoctor is an API documentation tool for Python. It works by parsing the source code and processing the syntax trees of Python modules and packages, which has advantages and disadvantages over generating the documentation from examining live objects, as some other documentation tools do.

community - 🛠 The Document IDE

To bring software development inspired features to the world of documenting -- refactoring, importing, testing, linting, metrics, PRs, versioning....Documize is an intelligent document environment (IDE) for creating, securing and sharing documents -- everything you need in one place.

doc2dash - Create docsets for Dash.app-compatible API browser.

doc2dash is an MIT-licensed extensible Documentation Set generator intended to be used with the Dash.app API browser for macOS or one of its many free clones for all relevant platforms. doc2dash’s documentation lives at Read the Docs, the code on GitHub. It’s tested on Python 2.7, 3.4+, and PyPy. Both Linux and macOS are tested although certain features are only available on macOS.

mDocs - Project documentation with Markdown using ASP.NET Core

Project documentation with Markdown using ASP.NET Core.mDocs is a simple and easy tool that let you build your project documentation with markdown using Markdown View Engine.

rustdoc - A documentation tool for Rust.

A tool for documenting Rust. NOTE: This is not the "real" rustdoc. This is a prototype of it's replacement. The rustdoc you get with Rust lives in the Rust repo, in the src/librustdoc directory.

docstring - Provides docstring like functionality to R functions without requiring the need to create a package

The docstring package is an R package that provides the ability to display something analagous to Python's docstrings within R. By allowing the user to document their functions as comments at the beginning of their function without requiring putting the function into a package we allow more users to easily provide documentation for their functions. The documentation can be viewed either using an accessor function (i.e. docstring(your_function)) or just like you would for any other function (i.e. ?your_function) and it should displays just like any other R help files. The user will need to be familiar with roxygen style comments (via the roxygen2 package) to fully utilize the package.