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docfx - Tools for building and publishing API documentation for .NET projects

  •    CSharp

DocFX makes it extremely easy to generate your developer hub with API reference, landing page, and how-to.We currently support C# and VB projects.

jupyter-book - Build interactive, publication-quality documents from Jupyter Notebooks

  •    Python

Jupyter Book is an open-source tool for building publication-quality books and documents from computational material. Jupyter Book is maintained and primarily developed by the Executable Book Project.

gatsby-gitbook-starter - Generate GitBook style modern docs/tutorial websites using Gatsby + MDX

  •    Javascript

Kick off your project with this starter to create a powerful/flexible docs/tutorial web apps. We wanted to create a GraphQL tutorial series. The content would be written by developers for various languages/frameworks and what better than writing it in Markdown! And since this is a tutorial series we also needed rich embeds, syntax highlighting and more customisations.

graphdoc - Static page generator for documenting GraphQL Schema

  •    TypeScript

In graphdoc a plugin is simply an object that controls the content that is displayed on every page of your document. This object should only implement the PluginInterface.

Sphinx - Python Documentation Generator

  •    Python

Sphinx is a tool that makes it easy to create intelligent and beautiful documentation for Python. It also supports C and C++. The support for other languages is in the plan. Support for multiple output formats are supported.

test2doc - Generate documentation for your REST/HTTP API from your Go unit tests

  •    Go

Generate documentation for your REST/HTTP API from your Go unit tests - a simple addition to Go's testing package. Which you can then parse and host w/ Apiary.io, eg here. Or use a custom parser and host yourself.

raml2slate - Render the RAML API spec in the slate documentation layout

  •    Javascript

This package has been deprecated in favor of the raml2html-slate-theme for raml2html. All future development will happen there.This package is meant to render nice looking documentation for your REST API, based on a RAML file. It is inspired by slate and raml2html.

ddox - Advanced D documentation engine

  •    HTML

For real world examples see the vibe.d API documentation and the D standard library documentation. Note that DDOX uses vibe.d, which currently by default uses libevent as its core. Please follow its installation instructions, too, if necessary.


  •    Ruby

Samovar is a modern framework for building command-line tools and applications. It provides a declarative class-based DSL for building command-line parsers that include automatic documentation generation. It helps you keep your functionality clean and isolated where possible. I've been using Trollop and while it's not bad, it's hard to use for sub-commands in a way that generates nice documentation. It also has pretty limited support for complex command lines (e.g. nested commands, splits, matching tokens, etc). Samovar is a high level bridge between the command line and your code: it generates decent documentation, maps nicely between the command line syntax and your functions, and supports sub-commands using classes which are easy to compose.

better-apidoc - A version of sphinx-apidoc with support for templating

  •    Python

This will install better-apidoc in the current environment's bin folder. The better-apidoc script is a patched version of Sphinx' apidoc.py. If well-received, I may try to have this patch merged back into Sphinx as an update to sphinx-apidoc.

literator - :memo:Generate literate-style markdown docs from your sources

  •    Scala

Literator produces a readable document from your code, i.e to helps you to use literate programming when it's not supported by the language itself. You can write your code using markdown syntax in block comments and then transform it to a markdown document. Then you can generate a nice html or pdf or whatever else, using your favorite markdown processor (for example Pandoc).

yuidoc-theme-blue - a Simple theme inspired by the blue color for yuidoc (npm version)

  •    CSS

I needed that attribute to put examples on the methods and APIs that could be more like live examples of my API.

graphql-markdown - Generate Markdown docs for a GraphQL schema.

  •    Javascript

Generate nice docs for your GraphQL schema right in your GitHub repository. See an example generated from the GraphBrainz schema.

serverless-aws-documentation - Serverless 1

  •    Javascript

This is a Serverless v1 plugin that adds support for AWS API Gateway documentation and models (e.g. to export a Swagger JSON file with input/output definitions and full text documentation for API documentation). Amazon introduced a new documentation feature for it's API Gateway on AWS at the end of 2016. With this you can add manually written documentation to all parts of API Gateway such as resources, requests, responses or single path or query parameters. When exporting Swagger from API Gateway these documentation is added to the other information to create a more human understandable documentation.

autodoc - PostgreSQL Autodoc - dumps a Postgres schema in several useful documentary forms

  •    Perl

This is a utility which will run through PostgreSQL system tables and returns HTML, DOT, and several styles of XML which describe the database. As a result, documentation about a project can be generated quickly and be automatically updatable, yet have a quite professional look if you do some DSSSL/CSS work.

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