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doctest - The fastest feature-rich C++11 single-header testing framework for unit tests and TDD

  •    C++

doctest is a new C++ testing framework but is by far the fastest both in compile times (by orders of magnitude) and runtime compared to other feature-rich alternatives. It brings the ability of compiled languages such as D / Rust / Nim to have tests written directly in the production code by providing a fast, transparent and flexible test runner with a clean interface. The framework is and will stay free but needs your support to sustain its development. There are lots of new features and maintenance to do. If you work for a company using doctest or have the means to do so, please consider financial support. Monthly donations via Patreon and one-offs via PayPal.


  •    Elm

Verify examples in your docs. ℹ️ This was formerly known as elm-doc-test.

sbt-doctest - Doctest for scala

  •    Scala

Plugin for sbt that generates tests from examples in ScalaDoc. To use this plugin, add it to your project/plugins.sbt.

coffeedoctest - It's not about testing your code with your docs but the other way around.

  •    CoffeeScript

It's less about testing your code with your documentation, but more the other way around. Make sure that the examples in your documentation stay current with your code. If you've spent any time working in Python, then you are probably familiar with doctest. The examples you add to document your project are like a map to the secret treasure that your users will find when they are able to easily use your library/API/tool/etc. But if the examples are wrong, it's like labeling the map with "promised land" right over the spot where it should say, "there be dragons".

elm-doctest - doctest runner against Elm-lang source files

  •    Elm

It depends on elm and assumes that elm-make and elm-repl are available either via systemwide installation or npm module installation. Make sure elm-make succeeds with your elm source files. It only evaluates the expressions that follows -- >>> (i.e. Elm comment symbol followed by space and three LT chars until end of the line) and the expression on the next line after --.

jsdoctest - Run jsdoc examples as doctests.

  •    Javascript

jsdoctest parses jsdoc @example tags from annotated functions and runs them as if they were doctests. Inspired by the doctest python library, as well as its doctestjs javascript implementation.

yard-doctest - Doctests from YARD examples

  •    Gherkin

You can run tests for all the examples you've documented. Next, you'll need to create test helper, which will be required before each of your test. Think about it as spec_helper.rb in RSpec or env.rb in Cucumber. You should require everything necessary for your examples to run there.

mocha-doctest - Test your documentation

  •    Javascript

Test your documentation.

cpp14-project-template - A simple, cross-platform, and continuously integrated C++14 project template

  •    CMake

A simple, cross-platform, and continuously integrated C++14 project template. Making cross platform C++ projects is widely known to be a troublesome ambition. This project attempts to demystify many of the common problems related to creating such a structure by providing a simple template that achieves this purpose.

catch-lest-other-comparison - Tabularised feature comparison between Catch, doctest and lest C++ test frameworks


Tabularised feature comparison between Catch, doctest and lest C++ test frameworks. Skip to the feature comparison.

xdoctest - A rewrite of Python's builtin doctest module without all the weirdness (with pytest plugin integration)

  •    Python

The xdoctest package is a re-write of Python's builtin doctest module. It replaces the old regex-based parser with a new abstract-syntax-tree based parser (using Python's ast module). The goal is to make doctests easier to write, simpler to configure, and encourage the pattern of test driven development. There are two ways to use xdoctest: via pytest or via the native interface. The native interface is less opaque and implicit, but its purpose is to run doctests. The other option is to use the widely used pytest package. This allows you to run both unit tests and doctests with the same command and has many other advantages.

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