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website - The source code of Benjamin Lupton's website

  •    CoffeeScript

Website of Benjamin Lupton. Founder of Bevry, DocPad and HistoryJS. Aficionado of HTML5, CoffeeScript and NodeJS. Available for consulting, training and talks. ENTP.

docs-inclusive-learning - Documentation website for the Inclusive Learning Design Handbook - handbook

  •    HTML

This project contains the content needed to build and deploy a copy of the Inclusive Learning Design Handbook. It is based off of the Fluid docs-template project. Conflicts may occur when merging in changes from docs-template to your custom site. Manually resolve each conflict.

guide.inclusivedesign.ca - The source files for content for the Inclusive Design Guide.

  •    HTML

This project contains the content related to the Inclusive Design Guides. The HTML content is generated with docpad and uses the docs-template project as its template.

haxeflixel.com - haxeflixel.com docpad source

  •    CSS

This is the source of haxeflixel.com. It is made with a Node.js static site generator called DocPad. You can compile this website yourself with a local install of DocPad, pull requests are welcome.