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docker-streaming-server - Live streaming server

  •    Makefile

A robust way of streaming media content live using the NGINX web server and its RTMP module. Builds of the image are available on Docker Hub.

bluechatter - Deploy & Scale a chat app using Cloud Foundry, Docker Container and Kubernetes

  •    Javascript

The BlueChatter app is a simple chat/IRC type application for your browser which allows multiple users to chat when online at the same time. The sample app is used to showcase how to deploy and scale a chat application using Cloud Foundry and Docker container service and Kubernetes approach. The demo demonstrates how quickly you can deploy and scale your application where been it's a Cloud Foundry, Docker Container Service or Kubernetes Cluster. BlueChatter uses Node.js and Express for the server. On the frontend, BlueChatter uses Bootstrap and Jquery. The interesting part of this application is how the communication of messages is done. The application uses long polling to enable the clients (browsers) to listen for new messages. Once the app loads successfully, a client then issues a request to the server. The server waits to respond to the request until it receives a message. If no message is received from any of the chat participants, it responds back to the client with a 204 - no content. As soon as the client gets a response from the server, regardless of whether that response contains a message or not, the client will issue another request and the process continues.

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