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dockerode - Docker + Node = Dockerode (Node.js module for Docker's Remote API)

  •    Javascript

Not another Node.js Docker Remote API module.You may also specify default options for each container's operations, which will always be used for the specified container and operation.

awesome-docker - :whale: A curated list of Docker resources and projects

  •    Javascript

A curated list of Docker resources and projects Inspired by @sindresorhus' awesome and improved by these amazing contributors. The creators and maintainers of this list do not receive any form of payment to accept a change made by any contributor. This page is not an official Docker product in any way. It is a list of links to projects and is maintained by volunteers. Everybody is welcome to contribute. The goal of this repo is to index open-source projects, not to advertise for profit.

sbt-docker - Create Docker images directly from sbt

  •    Scala

sbt-docker is an sbt plugin that builds and pushes Docker images for your project.sbt-docker is an auto plugin, this means that sbt version 0.13.5 or higher is required.

docker-it-scala - Docker integration testing kit with Scala

  •    Scala

Set of utility classes to make integration testing with dockerised services in Scala easy.You can read about reasoning behind it at Finely Distributed.

sbt-docker-compose - Integrates Docker Compose functionality into sbt

  •    Scala

sbt-docker-compose is an sbt plugin that integrates the functionality of Docker Compose directly into the sbt build environment. This allows you to make code changes and with one sbt command start up a local running instance of your latest changes connected to all of its dependencies for live testing and debugging. This plugin is designed to be extended to allow for instances to be launched in non-local environments such as AWS and Mesos.You must have Docker and Docker-Compose installed.

DoMonit - A Deadly Simple Docker Monitoring Wrapper For Docker API

  •    Python

A Python wrapper for Dokcer API 1.24 compatible with Docker 1.12.x and later.The purpose is to write python scripts easily for monitoring all of your Docker containers (running in a Linux distibution - other OS are coming soon in the roadmap of development).

docker-client - A Docker client for Java written in Groovy

  •    Groovy

This client library aims at supporting all existing Docker api endpoints, which effectively allows to use it in place of the official Docker client binary.See the supported-api.md for details about the current api coverage.

gradle-docker-plugin - Gradle Docker plugin

  •    Groovy

Yet another Gradle plugin making it easy for your build scripts to talk to a Docker daemon. Each task delegates to the Docker-Client, which connects to the Docker remote API via HTTP.For basic usage please have a look at the tests or the example project.

jaas - CLI for running jobs (ad-hoc containers/tasks) on Docker Swarm

  •    Go

This project provides a simple Golang CLI tool that binds to the Docker Swarm API to create an ad-hoc/one-shot Service and then poll until it exits. Service logs can also be retrieved if the Docker daemon API version is greater than 1.29 or if the experimental feature is enabled on the Docker daemon. The OpenFaaS project has dozens of contributors and thousands of GitHub stars - if you're here because you want to run short-lived functions then I highly recommend checking out OpenFaaS now.

swarm-cronjob - 📅 Create jobs on a time-based schedule on Swarm

  •    Go

swarm-cronjob creates jobs on a time-based schedule on Swarm with a dedicated service in a distributed manner that configures itself automatically and dynamically through labels and Docker API. Now that we have a swarm-cronjob instance up and running, we will deploy new services.

MetaDockers - Responsible for visualization the vulhub or docker

  •    Python

Vulhub Team做为以收集/制作docker漏洞靶场为基础,并发展Docker相关的开发,MetaDockers用于管理vulhub以及自实现的Docker可视化。build ing...

docker-retag - 🐳 Retag an existing Docker image without the overhead of pulling and pushing

  •    Go

There are certain situation where it is desirable to give an existing Docker image an additional tag. This is usually acomplished by a docker pull, followed by a docker tag and a docker push. That approach has the downside of downloading the contents of every layer from Docker Hub, which has bandwidth and performance implications, especially in a CI environment.

harbor-master - 🛥️ Harbor Master is a Docker Remote API client written in Node.js

  •    Javascript

Harbor Master is a Docker Remote API client written in Node. This client is meant to be a simple wrapper that makes it easy to communicate with your Docker Daemon over the unix socket or http based APIs. This project is still in active development. This project will be versioned in accordance with the Docker Remote API. For example, if the current Docker Remote API version is 1.32, Harbor Master's version will be 1.32.x.

graphql-docker-api - A GraphQL Server for the Docker API

  •    Go

A GraphQL Server for the Docker API, written in Golang. Note: It's important to keep this schema synced with the types implemented in the wrapper, best efforts are made in order to keep it so. That being said, You need to know this schema is subject to change as the time goes by and new changes are introduced in the Docker API and this wrapper as well.

clj-docker-client - An idiomatic, data-driven, REPL friendly Clojure Docker client

  •    Clojure

An idiomatic, data-driven, REPL friendly Clojure Docker client inspired from Cognitect's AWS client. See this for documentation for versions before 0.4.0.

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