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p-do-whilst - Calls a function repeatedly while a condition returns true and then resolves the promise

  •    Javascript

Think async version of the do…while statement.Executes action repeatedly while condition returns true and then resolves the promise. Rejects if action returns a promise that rejects or if an error is thrown anywhere.

django-py2app-demo - An example of a Django py2app bundle.

  •    Javascript

An example of a Django py2app bundle. and a few others.

botao-do-panico - Projeto de Botão do Pânico criado na II Hackathon da Câmara dos Deputados

  •    Javascript

Ao sofrer violência doméstica a vítima tem poucas opções para se defender. A espera pelo atendimento através do 190 e a necessidade de informar seus dados nesse momento é impraticável. Além disso, a vítima não pode depender da ajuda de vizinhos ou familiares que possam ter ouvido o conflito, pois há uma cultura de não interferir nas relações dos outros e o medo em relação a uma possível represália do agressor. A vítima está sozinha.

burrido - Do-notation for JavaScript

  •    Javascript

An experiment in bringing Haskell's programmable semicolon to JavaScript, using generators. The above should look fairly self-explanatory to a Haskell programmer: we are declaring a Monad instance for arrays, which requires us to define two functions: pure and bind. Then we obtain a special function Do which is a do-notation tailored to that particular monad. We pass a generator function to Do, within which we gain access to the yield keyword, allowing us to "unwrap" monadic values and release their effects.

do-not-disturb - Turn on do not disturb mode for OS X

  •    Javascript

Crafted with <3 by John Otander (@4lpine). This package was initially generated with yeoman and the p generator.

telnet-stream - Transform streams that emit TELNET negotiations as events

  •    CoffeeScript

Although venerable, the TELNET protocol is still in use by some services and expected by some clients. If you need to connect to something that "speaks TELNET", this module offers some simple objects for that purpose. If you need to connect to something that speaks TELNET, but you don't care about options or negotiations, then simply use TelnetSocket to decorate a regular socket. It will filter out all the "TELNET stuff" and pass the remaining data on to you.

trdis - The most known way to travel in space and time

  •    Javascript

T(a)rdis is a 350 Bytes diff function returning a patch object, allowing you to perform time traveling to an object or an array using your own merge functions with ease. 1. To use T(a)rdis you need to download it thanks to your favorite JavaScript Package Manager.

vscode-f5 - Let the F5 VSCode extension supercharge your workflows with schema validation, rest client, fast templates, and so much more!!!

  •    TypeScript

Let the F5 VSCode Extension supercharge your abilities to write (A)utomated (T)ool(C)hain declarations with snippets, examples and declaration schema validation, and also assist with connecting, deploying, retrieving and updating declarations on F5 devices. It can also help with iRules/iApps, BIG-IQ, and regular configuration/migration.

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