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macOS-Security-and-Privacy-Guide - A practical guide to securing macOS.

  •    Python

This guide is a collection of techniques for improving the security and privacy of a modern Apple Macintosh computer ("MacBook") and macOS (formerly known as "OS X"). This guide is targeted to “power users” who wish to adopt enterprise-standard security, but is also suitable for novice users with an interest in improving their privacy and security on a Mac.

dnscrypt-proxy - A flexible DNS proxy, with support for encrypted DNS protocols.

  •    Go

A flexible DNS proxy, with support for modern encrypted DNS protocols such as DNSCrypt v2 and DNS-over-HTTP/2. It includes all the major features from dnscrypt-proxy 1.9.5, with improved reliability, flexibility, usability and performance.

SimpleDnsCrypt - A simple management tool for dnscrypt-proxy

  •    CSharp

Simple DNSCrypt is a simple management tool to configure dnscrypt-proxy on windows based systems.If you are looking for an only command line tool, you can use the dnscrypt-proxy software. There are pre-compiled versions for any os. The dnscrypt-proxy software is written and maintained by Frank Denis (@jedisct1).

dnscrypt-proxy-gui - Qt/KF5 GUI wrapper over dnscrypt-proxy

  •    C++

Contains systemd instantiated unit for control proxying service. Works with local ( by default) address and service list from dnscrypt-proxy package. Implemented restore DNS resolver system settings.

dnscrypt-proxy-blacklist-filter - A regexp filter list for dnscrypt-proxy


Normal domain based filter lists are big in size, needs to maintained regularly and consuming a lot of memory and space. DNS based blocking with regular expression is better because you can block thousands of domains with only one single line. To see what's blocked ensure you comment out (remove #) from the log_file.

rust-doh - A DNS-over-HTTP server proxy

  •    Rust

A DNS-over-HTTP server proxy in Rust. Add a webserver and you get DNS-over-HTTPS, which is actually DNS-over-HTTP/2. Serves HTTP requests only. DoH is mostly useful to leverage an existing webserver, so just configure your webserver or CDN to proxy connections to this.

docker-dns-ad-blocker - A lightweight dnsmasq DNS server to block traffic to known ad servers with optional DNSCrypt support


A simple, lightweight, dnsmasq DNS server to block traffic to known ad servers. You can now set your devices to use the Docker Host's IP Address as the primary DNS resolver, if you are using Docker for Windows or Docker for Mac this will be

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