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bonjour - A Bonjour/Zeroconf protocol implementation in JavaScript

  •    Javascript

A Bonjour/Zeroconf protocol implementation in pure JavaScript. Publish services on the local network or discover existing services using multicast DNS.The options are optional and will be used when initializing the underlying multicast-dns server. For details see the multicast-dns documentation.

bcc - An IPP tool to Man-in-the-Middle all traffic to a local printer

  •    Javascript

This is an example of a Bonjour/Zeroconf Man-in-the-Middle attack. This software showcases the attack of an IPP enabled printer. It will intercept all print jobs sent to the target printer.This attack only works for Bonjour/Zeroconf and IPP enabled printers. Only jobs sent from clients that have the printer configured using Bonjour/Zeroconf will have their jobs intercepted.

bonjour-browser - A command line tool to browse for Bonjour/Zeroconf enabled services on your local network

  •    Javascript

A command line tool to browse for Bonjour/Zeroconf enabled services on your local network.This software is written in Node.js and can be installed using the npm package manager. Ensure that you've downloaded and installed Node.js before continueing.

dns-txt - Encode/decode DNS-SD TXT record RDATA fields

  •    Javascript

Encode or decode the RDATA field in multicast DNS TXT records. For use with DNS-Based Service Discovery. For details see RFC 6763.The encoder and decoder conforms to RFC 6763.

mdns - Single header public domain mDNS/DNS-SD library in C

  •    C

This library is put in the public domain; you can redistribute it and/or modify it without any restrictions.

dnssd - This library implements Multicast DNS (mDNS) and DNS-Based Service Discovery (DNS-SD) for Zero Configuration Networking in Go

  •    Go

This library implements Multicast DNS and DNS-Based Service Discovery to provide zero-configuration operations. It lets you announce and find services in a specific link-local domain. The following code creates a service with name "My Website._http._tcp.local." for the host "My Computer" which has the IP "" on port "12345". The service is added to a responder.

zeroconf - mDNS / DNS-SD Service Discovery in pure Go (also known as Bonjour)

  •    Go

in the local network. It basically implements aspects of the standards RFC 6762 (mDNS) and RFC 6763 (DNS-SD). Though it does not support all requirements yet, the aim is to provide a complient solution in the long-term with the community.

qmdnsengine - Multicast DNS library for Qt applications

  •    C++

This library provides an implementation of multicast DNS as per RFC 6762.

net-mdns - Simple multicast DNS

  •    CSharp

A simple Multicast Domain Name Service based on RFC 6762. Can be used as both a client (sending queries) or a server (responding to queries). A higher level DNS Service Discovery based on RFC 6763 that automatically responds to any query for the service or service instance.

ciao - RFC 6762 and RFC 6763 compliant mdns service discovery library written in Typescript

  •    TypeScript

ciao is a RFC 6763 compliant dns-sd library, advertising on multicast dns (RFC 6762) implemented in plain Typescript/JavaScript. It is used in HAP-NodeJS and is the successor of the bonjour-hap (and bonjour) library, aiming to be more robust, more maintainable and RFC compliant (read Notice).

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