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polyaxon - An open source platform for reproducible machine learning and deep learning on kubernetes

  •    Python

Welcome to Polyaxon, a platform for building, training, and monitoring large scale deep learning applications. Polyaxon deploys into any data center, cloud provider, or can be hosted and managed by Polyaxon, and it supports all the major deep learning frameworks such as Tensorflow, MXNet, Caffe, Torch, etc.

npmdl - Conveniently download files from npm packages

  •    Javascript

Conveniently download files from npm packages, caching the results on the file system.You could use this to build your own npm-cdn, or a simple requirebin-type editor. Note however that because scripts aren't run that some packages might not work this way.

advisor - Open-source implementation of Google Vizier for hyper parameters tuning

  •    Jupyter

Advisor is the hyper parameters tuning system for black box optimization.It is the open-source implementation of Google Vizier with the features.

object-detection-anki-overdrive-cars - TensorFlow Object Detection for Anki Overdrive Cars

  •    Jupyter

With an iOS app cars and phones can be detected on Anki Overdrive tracks. When an obstacle (phone) is detected, the cars stop. This project contains a trained TensorFlow Object Detection model based on MobileNet and instructions how to run it in iOS apps and Jupyter notebooks. The project also contains documentation how to train models to recognize other objects via TensorFlow Object Detection. To make the setup of the development environment as simple as possible, Docker containers are provided.

watson-deep-learning-tensorflow-lite - Deploying Watson Deep Learning Models to Edge Devices

  •    Python

This project includes sample code how to train a model with TensorFlow and the Deep Learning service within Watson Studio and how to deploy and access the model on iOS devices. Check out the video for a quick demo.

rbbcc - BCC port for MRI - this is unofficial bonsai project.

  •    Ruby

RbBCC is a port of BCC in MRI. See iovisor project page. This gem requires libbcc.so. Please install it following BCC's instruction.

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