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awesome-django - Repository mirror of GitLab: https://gitlab.com/rosarior/awesome-django

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A curated list of awesome Django apps, projects and resources. A: An awesome package is one that is mature (not recently released), is well maintained, has a good amount of users, has good documentation, follows the best practices, and which latest release is less than 1 year old. Awesome Django packages and projects are the ones that inspire and serve as examples.

django-settings-export - Access Django settings from templates the right way™

  •    Python

Often it is needed to make some of your Django project's settings accessible from within templates. This app provides a simple mechanism for doing just that.Tested on Python 2.7+, Django 1.5+.

django_auth_ldap3 - A library for connecting Django's authentication system to an LDAP directory

  •    Python

This is a small library for connecting Django's authentication system to an LDAP directory. Unlike other similar libraries, it and its dependencies are pure-Python and do not require any special system headers to run, making it perfect for running in a hosted virtualenv. It has a sane default configuration that requires minimal customization, and has been tested against OpenLDAP and Microsoft's Active Directory.

django-progressive-web-app - Looks like an app, feels like an app, but NOT an app.

  •    Python

This Django app turns your project into a progressive web app. Navigating to your site on an Android phone will prompt you to add the app to your home screen. Launching the app from your home screen will display your app without browser chrome. As such, it's critical that your application provides all navigation within the HTML (no reliance on the browser back or forward button).

patchman - Patchman is a Linux Patch Status Monitoring System

  •    Python

Patchman is a Django-based patch status monitoring tool for linux systems. Patchman provides a web interface for monitoring the package updates available for linux hosts. Patchman clients send a list of installed packages and enabled repositories to the Patchman server. The Patchman server updates its package list for each repository and determines which hosts require updates, and whether those updates are normal or security updates. The web interface also gives information on potential issues, such as installed packages that are not from any repository.

django-light-draft - Preview changes without saving the data into db

  •    Python

Preview model changes without saving them into the database. Watch a demo on YouTube. See example/blog app for more details.

django-munigeo - Reusable Django application for storing and accessing municipality-related geospatial data

  •    Python

munigeo is a reusable Django application for storing and accessing municipality-related geospatial data.

django-simple-forum - full featured forum, easy to integrate and use.

  •    Python

django simple forum is a discussion board where people with similar interests can create and discuss various topics. You can also mention any particpant those are involved in the repsective topic in the comment. You can also receive email notifications when there is an update in the topic, when you follow the topic. Source Code is available in Micropyramid Repository.

Learning-Path-Learn-Web-Development-with-Python - Get started with Python programming and Django web development

  •    Python

If you want to develop complete Python web apps with Django, this Learning Path is for you. It will walk you through Python programming techniques and guide you in implementing them when creating 4 professional Django projects, teaching you how to solve common problems and develop RESTful web services with Django and Python. You will learn how to build a blog application, a social image bookmarking website, an online shop, and an e-learning platform. Learn Web Development with Python will get you started with Python programming techniques, show you how to enhance your applications with AJAX, create RESTful APIs, and set up a production environment for your Django projects. Last but not least, you’ll learn the best practices for creating real-world applications.

alfanous - Alfanous is an Arabic search engine API provides the simple and advanced search in Quran , more features and many interfaces

  •    PLpgSQL

Alfanous is a functional, dynamic, comprehensive Qur’an search engine that has been effectively designed to carry out simple or advanced Quranic searches. Alfanous uses a contemporary, highly developed approach to retrieve vital information, enabling stable efficient, speedy searches to be conducted. Alfanous aims to implement additional features such as highlight, site suggestions, scoring …etc to further improve your search experience. Alfanous understands the complex nature of the Arabic language and thus offers effective Arabic language processing, allowing the stemming and successful elimination of ambiguities. The Application Programming Interface can be used as a fundamental base for developers to build and enhance interface types within different systems, ex: Desktop GUI, Web-based UI…etc. For anything else, you can contact us via the mailing list: alfanous@googlegroups.com.

django-shortcodes - A Django application to parse WordPress shortcodes.

  •    Python

This package provides WordPress shortcode support for Django templates. It is based on code by Mark Steadman. Support for different shortcodes are generated by parsers. The package currently includes a parser for YouTube videos. Additional parsers can be submitted for inclusion at the package's issue tracker.

sous-chef - Sous-Chef is a web application to help organizations to plan and deliver meals, and to manage clients files

  •    Python

Sous-Chef is a web application to help organizations to plan and deliver meals, and to manage clients files.

wagtailmath - Beautiful equations in your StreamField content

  •    Python

WagtailMath allows you to write equations in your Wagtail content using markup and render them beautifully. MathBlock uses MathJax for rendering so there is very little to do on the front end. Simply include the MathJax JS and render the raw MathBlock content as you would for any other streamfield plain text block.