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awesome-django - Repository mirror of GitLab: https://gitlab.com/rosarior/awesome-django

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A curated list of awesome Django apps, projects and resources. A: An awesome package is one that is mature (not recently released), is well maintained, has a good amount of users, has good documentation, follows the best practices, and which latest release is less than 1 year old. Awesome Django packages and projects are the ones that inspire and serve as examples.

django-admin-bootstrap - Responsive Theme for Django Admin With Sidebar Menu

  •    HTML

If you're looking for a version compatible with Django 1.8 just install And don't forget to add bootstrap_admin in INSTALLED_APPS before the django.contrib.admin.

django-flat-theme - A flat theme for Django admin interface. Modern, fresh, simple.

  •    CSS

Please use this app if your project is powered by an older Django version. django-flat-theme brings fresh air to the default Django Admin interface which hasn't changed in 10 years, since the very first version of Django framework. This theme makes the UI modern and clean.

django-ordered-model - Allows Django models to be ordered and provides a simple admin interface for reordering them

  •    Python

django-ordered-model allows models to be ordered and provides a simple admin interface for reordering them. Add ordered_model to your SETTINGS.INSTALLED_APPS.

django-webshell - Django application for running python code in your project's environment from django admin

  •    Javascript

Django application for running python code in your project's environment from django admin.

django-oml - Object Moderation Layer

  •    Python

OML means Object Moderation Layer, the idea is to have a mixin model that allows you to moderate several kinds of content. With python 2.7 and > 3.3 support.

django-flat-responsive - 📱 An extension for Django admin that makes interface mobile-friendly

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Use this app if your project is powered by an older Django version. django-flat-responsive is an extension for Django admin and django-flat-theme. This app adds CSS file which contains specific media queries for mobile devices, such as phones and tablets.

djangocms-admin-style - django CMS Admin Style is a Django Theme tailored to the needs of django CMS

  •    CSS

Adds pretty CSS styles for the django CMS admin interface. The django CMS Admin Style overrides django admin's base_site.html, but you can still partially customize this page. Look at the source of templates/admin/base_site.html and override the templates that are included in various blocks. For example, you can add your own CSS in templates/admin/inc/extrastyle.html.

django-admin-easy - Collection of admin fields and decorators to help to create computed or custom fields more friendly and easy way

  •    Python

In all of this extra decorators, you can use short or smart arguments to complement field information. 5 and not <b>5</b> on admin page.

requery - Store e run queries on database to help system manager of a Django website

  •    Javascript

You can use :param_name to use to run your queries later. This project is still under development. Feedback and suggestions are very welcome and I encourage you to use the Issues list on Github to provide that feedback.

django-any-urlfield - An improved URL selector to choose between internal models and external URLs

  •    Python

The any_urlfield module provides an improved URL selector that supports both URLs to internal models and external URLs. This addresses is a common challenge in CMS interfaces; where providing a URLField makes it hard to enter internal URLs, while providing a ModelChoiceField makes it too inflexible. This package provides the both of both worlds.

django-nested-admin - Django admin classes that allow for nested inlines

  •    Python

django-nested-admin is a project that makes it possible to nest admin inlines (that is, to define inlines on InlineModelAdmin classes). It is compatible with Django 1.8+ and Python versions 2.7 and 3.4+ and works with or without Grappelli. When Grappelli is not installed it allows Grappelli-like drag-and-drop functionality. To use django-nested-admin in your project, "nested_admin" must be added to the INSTALLED_APPS in your settings and you must include nested_admin.urls in your django urlpatterns. django-grappelli is an optional dependency of django-nested-admin. If using Grappelli, make sure the appropriate version of Grappelli is installed for your version of Django.

django-admin-extra-urls - Single mixin class to easily add buttons on any Django ModelAdmin related page

  •    Python

pluggable django application that offers one single mixin class ExtraUrlMixin to easily add new url (and related buttons on the screen) to any ModelAdmin. It provides two decorators link() and action().

django-mptt-admin - Django-mptt-admin provides a nice Django Admin interface for Mptt models

  •    Python

Django-mptt-admin provides a nice Django Admin interface for django-mptt models. The source is available on https://github.com/mbraak/django-mptt-admin.

django-coleman - A very simple Task Management web app written with Django Admin

  •    Python

Django Coleman: A very simple Task Management web app written with Django Admin.

django-admin-env-notice - Visually distinguish environments in Django Admin

  •    Python

Visually distinguish environments in Django Admin. Based on great advice from post: 5 ways to make Django Admin safer by hakibenita.

django-export-action - Generic export action for Django's Admin

  •    Python

Go to any admin page, select fields, then select the export to xls action. Then check off any fields you want to export. This project assumes staff users are trusted. There may be ways for users to manipulate this project to get more data access than they should have.

django-haystackbrowser - View and debug the data in your Haystack search indexes, from within the Django admin

  •    Python

A plug-and-play Django application for viewing, browsing and debugging data discovered in your Haystack Search Indexes. I love Haystack but I'm sometimes not sure what data I have in it. When a query isn't producing the result I'd expect, debugging it traditionally involves using the Python REPL to inspect the SearchQuerySet, and while I'm not allergic to doing that, it can be inconvenient, and doesn't scale well when you need to make multiple changes.

django-daterange-filterspec - A filterspec for the Django admin that allow you to filter records on a range of dates

  •    Python

Allows a form with AdminDateWidgets to be used to select a range of dates for filtering the list of records displayed in the admin. The forms for each date field to be filtered are displayed in a panel displayed at the top of the page, which gives plenty of space for the fields and allows better styling, see the screenshot.


  •    Python

This is a django app that attempts to get the django orm to hook up to restful services instead of the database. So instead of querying data from a database, you would be querying data from a rest api. Take a look at the todo package to get a feel of how it would be implemented.