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Mixxx - DJ software

  •    C++

Mixxx is Free DJ software that gives you everything you need to perform live DJ mixes. It integrates the tools DJs need to perform creative live mixes with digital music files.

Parsifal - Make your streaming radio...


Create a real radio online with Parsifal and share your music with your friends! Parsifal is easy to use with a great user interface . The current version is compatible only with XP. Win 7 update coming soon... Required : - Media Encoder - Media Player 8 or newer

Alcatech BPM-Studio Archive Manager

  •    DotNet

The Alcatech BPM-Studio Archive Manager is a tool for automatic building the archive of BPM-Studio. It allows you to quickly load all your music into your archive and order it without having the music duplicated in multiple folders on your computer.

keyfinder-cli - A CLI wrapper for libkeyfinder. Making DJs lives easier.

  •    C++

This small utility is the automation-oriented DJs best friend. By making use of Ibrahim Sha'ath's high quality libKeyFinder library, this utility can be used to estimate the musical key of many different audio file formats. Installing this software exposes the keyfinder-cli command on your system.

mixco - Mixco is a framework for creating hardware controller scripts for the amazing Mixxx DJ software

  •    CoffeeScript

Mixco is a framework for creating hardware controller scripts for the amazing Mixxx DJ software. It makes the process easier and faster, and resulting scripts are often more robust, ready to be rock big parties. And remember, this is Free Software.

boiler-vroom - Fun is fun, powered by Vert.x.

  •    Javascript

Fun is fun, powered by Vert.x. This is the Boiler Vroom demo that was first introduced in the Devoxx France 2017 University session on reactive programming with Eclipse Vert.x by Julien Ponge and Julien Viet.

prolink-connect - A Typescript / JavaScript library that is able to talk to Pioneer PROLINK enabled DJ equipment

  •    TypeScript

This library implments the Pioneer PROLINK network protocol + additional functionality to interact with the prolink network. This library is used as part of Prolink Tools. Alternative implementations of the Prolink protocol: Java, golang.

HueLightDJ - Hue Light DJ using Hue Entertainment API

  •    CSharp

This web app connects to a Philips Hue Bridge over the local network. It uses the Hue Entertainment API to update the lights almost instantly. Hue Light DJ is meant for setups with 20+ Hue Lights. Don't use this app for your personal setup with less than 5 lights. Things might get interesting with 10 lights, you can try it out. There is also a DEMO mode build in so you see how it would look like on a 20+ light setup. NOTE: Hue Entertainment supports max 10 lights in an Entertainment Group. To get this to work with more than 10 lights, you need to have 1 bridge for every 10 lights.

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