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XAMPP - Apache + MySQL + PHP + Perl

XAMPP is a very easy to install Apache Distribution for Linux, Solaris, Windows and Mac OS X. The package includes the Apache web server, MySQL, PHP, Perl, a FTP server and phpMyAdmin.

JFrog - Artifact Repository Manager

JFrog is an universal Artifact Repository Manager on the market, JFrog Artifactory fully supports software packages created by any language or technology. As a local proxy to the outside world, Artifactory guarantees consistent access to the components needed by your build tools. Remote artifacts are cached locally for reuse, so that you don’t have to download them over and over again. Automate all aspects of artifact management using a powerful REST API.

PLD - PLD Linux Distribution

PLD is a free, RPM-based Linux distribution, aimed at the more advanced users and administrators, who accept the tradeoffs of using a system, that might require manual tweaking in exchange for much flexibility. PLD kernels are build using modules. You are free to pick which modules to load depending on hardware you want to use. It supports Easy package management, Multiple desktop environments and lot more.

Librarybox - Portable Private Digital Distribution

LibraryBox is a combination of a router (a variety of hardware will work), USB drive, and software that, when combined, give you a small, low powered webserver. The webserver acts like a captive portal, and delivers files that are stored on the USB drive.


SQLS is a simple SQL Server batch file generator. Designed to be used as part of implementations or patches to apply TSQL scripts to a SQL Server. SQL 2000 'osql' and SQL 2005/8 'sqlcmd' are supported.

SQL Server Replication Explorer

SQL Server Replication Explorer is a client tool for browsing through Microsoft SQL Server replication topology. It can also be used for troubleshooting and monitoring of the Microsoft SQL Server replication.


Kaleta.Network library extends .NET network API by defining objects as Distributable Objects. These can be easily synchronized with all clients in a network session without to implement further network logic.

gauss-random - Sample standard normal distribution

Samples the standard normal distribution, with 0 mean and unit standard deviation.Generates a random number from the Guassian distribution.

chi-squared.js - characteristic functions for the chi-squared distribution

Characteristic functions for the chi-squared distribution.Compute the probability density function for the parameter x under k degrees of freedom.

ghpages - quick script which deploys to gh-pages branch

A small, personalized shell script which switches to gh-pages branch, runs npm run build, commits and pushes the new changes, and then switches back to your previous branch.This will check out gh-pages branch (creating it if necessary), merge master into it, npm run build, then commit and push the new build and switch back to master.

stochator - Little utility library for random value generation.

Stochator is a tiny library providing for creating a variety of random value generators. To create a Stochator object, simply invoke the constructor and pass it an options object with a kind property. If not provided, kind is 'float'.

vnodehash - Consistent hashing using virtual nodes.

Consistent hashing using virtual nodes. The problem with this is that if the number of servers changes, the modulus (servers.length) changes, so all the hash indices changes and the data gets reallocated accross the cluster.

xtuple-server - This repository contains the source code for the xTuple Server

This repository contains the source code for the xTuple Server. The xTuple Server is a software toolkit for managing the server components of the xTuple platform. Components include PostgreSQL, Node.js, nginx, and more. The Webmin database administration tool is also included in the install.

xtuple-server-core - This repository contains the source code for the xTuple Server core, a component of the xTuple Server

This is the xTuple Server. It installs, configures, runs, serves, secures, backs up, restores, forks, upgrades, pilots, monitors and manages your xTuple appliance, demo, cloud app, or development environment.

bashpack - turns nodejs projects into a single executable bash file

A bashpack file, is a shell script, with a payload. As the payload is bzip2-ed, they are small compared to the node-binary size. When the bashpack is created, it will include the '.node' (native modules) for the architecture it is created on. There is currently no good way of providing multi-architecture node/native modules.

diet-raspbian - Trim the fat from the default Raspbian image.

NOTE - Official Raspbian Lite Distribution Now Available!: As of November 2015, the official Raspbian image is now maintained in a full GUI and 'lite' GUI-less flavor. This project has now been deprecated as of the 2.0.0 ('Jessie') release, and you should switch your servers over to the official Lite image instead. Trim the fat from the default Raspbian image.