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Jaeger - Distributed Tracing System from Uber

Jaeger is Uber's distributed tracing system, used to monitor, profile, and troubleshoot microservices. It is compatible with OpenTracing and it is built in the style of Google’s Dapper.

jaeger-client-go - Jaeger Bindings for Go OpenTracing API.

This is a client side library that implements an OpenTracing Tracer, with Zipkin-compatible data model.See tracer initialization examples in godoc and config/example_test.go.

jaeger-ui - Web UI for Jaeger

Visualize distributed tracing with Jaeger.The app was built with create-react-app.

trace-srv - A distributed tracing service for microservices {dapper, zipkin, etc}

The trace server consumes messages from the broker topic micro.trace.span. Traces can be generated and sent with the go-os.