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Atomix - Scalable, fault-tolerant distributed systems protocols and primitives for the JVM

  •    Java

Atomix is an event-driven framework for coordinating fault-tolerant distributed systems built on the Raft consensus algorithm. It provides the building blocks that solve many common distributed systems problems including group membership, leader election, distributed concurrency control, partitioning, and replication.

Apache Curator - Simplifies using ZooKeeper

  •    Java

The Curator Framework is a high-level API that greatly simplifies using ZooKeeper. It adds many features that build on ZooKeeper and handles the complexity of managing connections to the ZooKeeper cluster and retrying operations. Its features include Automatic connection management, Cleaner API, Leader election, Shared lock, Path cache and watcher, Distributed Queue and lot more.

redislock - Simplified distributed locking implementation using Redis

  •    Go

Simplified distributed locking implementation using Redis. For more information, please see examples.

dynamodb-lock-client - A general purpose distributed locking library built for AWS DynamoDB.

  •    Javascript

A general purpose distributed locking library with fencing tokens built for AWS DynamoDB. No tests at this time.

skinny - The Skinny Distributed Lock Service

  •    Go

Skinny comes with few code dependencies. A Skinny instance is started by running skinnyd, preferably with the --config option.

dmutex - Mutual exclusion lock package for distributed Go programs

  •    Go

Dmutex is a distributed mutex package written in Go. It takes a quorum based approach to managing locks across n distributed nodes. Dmutex implements the Agarwal-El Abbadi quorum-based algorithm. A good overview of the algorithm can be found here starting on page 50.

hedge - A distributed systems library for Kubernetes deployments built on top of spindle and Cloud Spanner

  •    Go

A library built on top of spindle and Cloud Spanner that provides rudimentary distributed computing facilities to Kubernetes deployments. Features include a consistent, append-only, Spanner-backed distributed key/value storage, a distributed locking/leader election mechanism through spindle, a simple member-to-leader communication channel, a broadcast (send-to-all) mechanism, and a distributed semaphore. It also works even on single-pod deployments. See here for the documentation.

spindle - A distributed locking library built on top of Cloud Spanner and TrueTime.

  •    Go

A distributed locking library built on top of Cloud Spanner. It uses Spanner's TrueTime and transactions support to achieve its locking mechanism. This library is also one of the main building blocks of hedge, another one of our production staples. For context, spindle has been in our production for quite some time and is used in several critical services. The biggest deployment size running spindle is about ~100+ pods with unpredictable scaling schedules. Between k8s scaling triggers and multiple service deployments in a day, spindle so far has held its own, running like clockwork. With that said though, spindle also works on single-pod deployments.

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