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OpenDHT - A C++11 Distributed Hash Table implementation

  •    C++

A lightweight C++11 Distributed Hash Table implementation. OpenDHT provides an easy to use distributed in-memory data store. Every node in the network can read and write values to the store. Values are distributed over the network, with redundancy.

bulletinboard-dht - Your internet-wide general-purpose DHT to store key/value pairs

  •    Rust

BulletinBoard is a general-purpose Distributed-Hash-Table based on Kademlia. The lifetime for a value you Put() in the DHT is 15 minutes, so you should call Put() every, say, 10 minutes to make sure it stays in the DHT (or just use Store()).

doogle - Web search of the people, by the people, for the people with Go.

  •    Go

Web search of the people, by the people, for the people with Go. doogle is a Proof of Concept software of decentralized search engine based on gRPC written in Go.

Olivia - Go: A distributed, in-memory key-value storage.

  •    Go

Olivia is essentially a distributed hash table that I built to test out some weird ideas I've had about Go and distributed programming that I've had. Olivia is essentially just a distributed hash table with added goodies. From early on, I wanted to use bloomfilters to enhance lookup speed between different remote nodes and I'm fairly happy with how that's turned out. Bloom filters allow us to prioritize which nodes we'll request keys from, rather than blindly sending out requests to all known nodes.

torrent-live - Anti-spies and private torrents, live streaming and dynamic torrent blocklist

  •    Javascript

Download and stream live (while the download is in progress) torrents with your browser, send it to your TV. Torrent-live is a new open source bittorrent client which detects, blocks and follows the monitoring spies, making your use of the bittorrent network much more private and safe, do not say to everybody what you are really looking for and minimize your visibility, ultimately activate the optional total freerider option, easy to install and use.