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HPCC System - Hadoop alternative

  •    C++

HPCC is a proven and battle-tested platform for manipulating, transforming, querying and data warehousing Big Data. It supports two type of configuration. Thor is responsible for consuming vast amounts of data, transforming, linking and indexing that data. It functions as a distributed file system with parallel processing power spread across the nodes. Roxie, the Data Delivery Engine, provides separate high-performance online query processing and data warehouse capabilities.

Hadoop Common

  •    Java

Apache Hadoop is a framework for running applications on large clusters built of commodity hardware. Hadoop common supports other Hadoop subprojects

fastdfs - FastDFS is an open source high performance distributed file system (DFS)

  •    C

FastDFS is an open source high performance distributed file system. It's major functions include: file storing, file syncing and file accessing (file uploading and file downloading), and it can resolve the high capacity and load balancing problem. FastDFS should meet the requirement of the website whose service based on files such as photo sharing site and video sharing site. FastDFS has two roles: tracker and storage. The tracker takes charge of scheduling and load balancing for file access. The storage store files and it's function is file management including: file storing, file syncing, providing file access interface. It also manage the meta data which are attributes representing as key value pair of the file. For example: width=1024, the key is "width" and the value is "1024".

yfs - Yet Another File System (yfs) based on Paxos algorithm.

  •    C++

Yet Another File System (yfs) based on Paxos algorithm. This was the lab of MIT 6.824 course Distributed Systems before 2012.

IPFSfB - InterPlanetary File System for Business (IPFSfB) is an enterprise blockchain storage network based on InterPlanetary File System

  •    Go

This repository contains instructions to build a private, unstructured data storage network for any blockchain on distributed file system, InterPlanetary File System for Business (IPFSfB), using crypto tools and Docker images with Docker and Docker Compose to provision the enterprise blockchain storage network. InterPlanetary File System for Business (IPFSfB) is based on InterPlanetary File System, which aim to provide an enterprise form, unstructured data storage network for any blockchain.

rusix - Distributed filesystem in Rust

  •    Rust

This project written in Rust because it is giving real guaranties for preventing data races and completely handles memory management without garbage collection, which is giving huge performance improvements and low memory usage. Want to contribute to Rusix? Awesome! Check out the contributing guide.

daft - DAFT Allows File Transfers

  •    OCaml

Distributed file transfer application in user space. Securely move data files during distributed computational experiments and provide a global view of all files, even when there is no distributed filesystem and probably faster than NFS for large files.

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