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rqlite - The lightweight, distributed relational database built on SQLite.

  •    Go

rqlite is a distributed relational database, which uses SQLite as its storage engine. rqlite uses Raft to achieve consensus across all the instances of the SQLite databases, ensuring that every change made to the system is made to a quorum of SQLite databases, or none at all. It also gracefully handles leader elections, and tolerates failures of machines, including the leader. rqlite is available for Linux, OSX, and Microsoft Windows.rqlite gives you the functionality of a rock solid, fault-tolerant, replicated relational database, but with very easy installation, deployment, and operation. With it you've got a lightweight and reliable distributed relational data store. Think etcd or Consul, but with relational data modelling also available.

catena - Catena is a distributed database based on a blockchain, accessible using SQL.

  •    Swift

Catena is a distributed database based on a blockchain, accessible using SQL. Catena timestamps database transactions (SQL) in a decentralized way between nodes that do not or cannot trust each other, while enforcing modification permissions ('grants') that were agreed upon earlier. A Catena blockchain contains SQL transactions that, when executed in order, lead to the agreed-upon state of the database. The transactions are automatically replicated to, validated by, and replayed on participating clients. A Catena database can be connected to by client applications using the PostgreSQL wire protocol (pq).

blackholeDB - BlackholeDB: A simple distributed DB based on IPFS protocol.

  •    Go

BlackHoleDB (or only HoleDB) is a concept of Key-Value distributed Database. HoleDB uses IPFS as decentralized filesystem, and BadgerDB for store the local key value pairs. Warning: BlackHole is work in progress, please don't use in production.

Olivia - Go: A distributed, in-memory key-value storage.

  •    Go

Olivia is essentially a distributed hash table that I built to test out some weird ideas I've had about Go and distributed programming that I've had. Olivia is essentially just a distributed hash table with added goodies. From early on, I wanted to use bloomfilters to enhance lookup speed between different remote nodes and I'm fairly happy with how that's turned out. Bloom filters allow us to prioritize which nodes we'll request keys from, rather than blindly sending out requests to all known nodes.

degdb - degdb: distributed economic graph database

  •    Go

Initial implementation done at PennApps 2015 Fall. There is a slow rewrite/redesign happening. $GOPATH/bin must be on the path so degdb can launch instances of btcwallet and btcd.

go-schemaless - An open-source sharded database framework based on Uber's Schemaless

  •    Go

This is an open-source, MIT-licensed implementation of Uber's Schemaless (immutable BigTable-style sharded MySQL/Postgres). All code is in Go.