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ghpages - quick script which deploys to gh-pages branch

  •    Shell

A small, personalized shell script which switches to gh-pages branch, runs npm run build, commits and pushes the new changes, and then switches back to your previous branch.This will check out gh-pages branch (creating it if necessary), merge master into it, npm run build, then commit and push the new build and switch back to master.

distfs - Mount a directory of ES6 code as a FUSE directory of babel-compiled output

  •    Javascript

Pull-based virtual filesystem to expose directory trees of ES6 code as Babel-compiled code. Uses FUSE to mount a user-space filesystem that exposes the same directory structure but, when you read the actual files, gives you the compiled scripts instead of the original content. Will block accesses to the file until the compilation is done, so that you're always sure that you have the up-to-date code.

bootswatch-dist - Distribution packages for bootswatch themes.

  •    Javascript

Bootswatch themes are updated from Github API and placed in a particular branch here, in this repo, with Bootstrap scripts, glyphicon fonts and a proper bower configuration. These themes are managed through both versions and branches. bootswatch-dist packages are updated on daily periods with a build system connecting Github API. Every theme is released with versions. For example 3.3.0 version of Yeti theme is released with 3.3.0-yeti version identifier on branch yeti. Therefore, both tags and branch names can be used while installing a theme through bower. With bootswatch-dist, Bootswatch themes are easily installed via bower.

tarball-url-info - take a tarball and return an object with tarball path, version, etc

  •    Javascript

you get tarball urls from package metadata. curl https://registry.npmjs.org/lodash the obj.versions[version here].dist.tarball contains the tarball url. if you find yourself with only a tarball url this library is for you.

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