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shellen - :cherry_blossom: Interactive shellcoding environment to easily craft shellcodes

  •    Python

Shellen is an interactive shellcoding environment. If you want a handy tool to write shellcodes, then shellen may be your friend. Shellen can also be used as an assembly or disassembly tool. keystone and capstone engines are used for all of shellen's operations.

slippery - Slippery - collections of useful decorators for different phases of development software

  •    Python

Slippery - collections of useful decorators for performance checking, profiling, disassembling, pretty output of data structures and more. To use this library you need to pay 25 schmeckles.

ida-evm - IDA Processor Module for the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)

  •    Python

IDA Processor Module for the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). This plugin is under active development. New issues and contributions are welcome, and are covered by bounties from Trail of Bits. Join us in #ethereum on the Empire Hacking Slack to discuss Ethereum security tool development.

pyevmasm - Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) disassembler and assembler

  •    Python

pyevmasm is an assembler and disassembler library for the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). evmasm is a commandline utility that uses pyevmasm to assemble or disassemble EVM.

disasm - Interactive Disassembler GUI

  •    HTML

Disasm is a browser-based application, built on Flask, that allows you to disassemble ELF files into Intel x86 assembly. The assembly and analysis is displayed in a browser so that you can click around and interact with it. There is optional IACA integration. To use it, you must first download IACA from Intel's website and update variables in your config.py accordingly.