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create-dmg - Create a good-looking DMG for your macOS app in seconds

  •    Javascript

Imagine you have finished a macOS app, exported it from Xcode, and now want to distribute it to users. The most common way of distributing an app outside the Mac App Store is by putting it in a .dmg file. These are hard to create, especially good-looking ones. You can either pay for a GUI app where you have to customize an existing design or you can run some homebrewed Bash script and you still have to design it. This tool does everything for you, so you can play with your 🐈 instead.Discuss it on Product Hunt and Twitter.

mkosi - Build Legacy-Free OS Images

  •    Python

A fancy wrapper around dnf --installroot, debootstrap, pacstrap and zypper that may generate disk images with a number of bells and whistles.

node-vhd - Microsoft's Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) Format

  •    Javascript

VHD (Virtual Hard Disk) is a file format which represents a virtual hard disk drive (HDD). It may contain what is found on a physical HDD, such as disk partitions and a file system, which in turn can contain files and folders. It is typically used as the hard disk of a virtual machine. The format was created by Connectix for Connectix Virtual PC product, which was later acquired by Microsoft in 2003, for what is now known as Microsoft Virtual PC. Since June 2005, Microsoft has made the VHD Image Format Specification available to third parties under the Microsoft Open Specification Promise. All virtual disk types have a minimum size of 3 MB.

DiscImageChef - Disc Image Chef (because "swiss-army-knife" is used too much)

  •    CSharp

DiscImageChef is a fully featured media dump management solution. You usually know media dumps as disc images, disk images, tape images, etc. With DiscImageChef you can analyze a media dump, extract files from it (for supported filesystems), compare two of them, create them from real media using the appropriate drive, create a sidecar metadata with information about the media dump, and a lot of other features that commonly would require you to use separate applications.

gorilla-cpm - GORILLA

  •    Modula-2

This is a Modula-2 (despite the name) implementation for CP/M of the classic "GORILLA.BAS" BASIC game included in MS-DOS 5.0. The choice was mainly due to a historic interest: this compiler (never distributed by Borland) was written by Martin Odersky (the inventor of Scala language) and had never been used by a critical mass of users. So it was both a challenging choice and a historic research.

FastDMG - Fast, no-nonsense disk image mounting for macOS

  •    Objective-C

FastDMG is a macOS utility to quickly and efficiently mount .dmg and other disk images without any unneeded nonsense. It is a very fast and reliable replacement for Apple's hopelessly inefficient and annoying DiskImageMounter app. FastDMG is a very minimal wrapper around the hdiutil command line tool that ships with macOS. It therefore uses Apple's private DiskImages framework indirectly. It is free, open source software. If you like it, feel free to make a donation.

Pi-Power-Tools - General Purpose Raspbian Image & SD Card Manager

  •    Shell

This clones the repository to /home/pi/Pi-Power-Tools, adds a menu button, clones my vdesktop repo, and asks permission before installing YAD. Nothing is modified outside of your home directory. If it's not working for you, please open an issue.

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