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Discord.Net - An unofficial .Net wrapper for the Discord API (http://discordapp.com)

  •    CSharp

An unofficial .NET API Wrapper for the Discord client (http://discordapp.com). Check out the documentation or join the Discord API Chat.

Discord.Addons.Interactive - add some interactivity to your commands :slight_smile:

  •    CSharp

An addon for Discord.Net that adds interactivity to your commands.

DiscordBotBase - Base templates to build a Discord.Net 1.0 bot off of


It is recommended to read the [official documentation] before using these templates, so that you are familiar with the library first. It is also recommended to take a look at the [example bots] if you are unfamiliar with the library.

HassBot - Home Assistant Discord Bot written by @skalavala

  •    CSharp

This is the HassBot (A Discord Bot) I wrote for Home Assistant's Discord Channel. The Bot basically has a bunch of commands - like help, about...etc. It also has custom commands, where the moderators can create commands on the fly and run them as needed. The program is written in C# and uses Discord.Net warpper for Discord API. THe Bot runs as a Windows Service instead of Command Line Applications you see everywhere. The package consists of one solution, and a Console Application to test the code/bot, and a Windows Service that is deployed to the server to run. There are a bunch of common libraries that are shared between Console App and Windows Service, and you will find most of the code there. The Console App and the Windows Service are basically dummy clients that utilize the common components.