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pokered - disassembly of Pokémon Red/Blue

  •    Assembly

This is a disassembly of Pokémon Red and Blue. To set up the repository, see INSTALL.md.

shellen - :cherry_blossom: Interactive shellcoding environment to easily craft shellcodes

  •    Python

Shellen is an interactive shellcoding environment. If you want a handy tool to write shellcodes, then shellen may be your friend. Shellen can also be used as an assembly or disassembly tool. keystone and capstone engines are used for all of shellen's operations.

tar-split - tar archive assembly/disassembly

  •    Go

Pristinely disassembling a tar archive, and stashing needed raw bytes and offsets to reassemble a validating original archive. This demonstrates the tar-split integration for docker-1.8. Providing consistent tar archives for the image layer content.

node-capstone - Node

  •    Javascript

node-capstone provides Node.js bindings for the Capstone disassembler library, allowing binary data in Buffer objects to be disassembled using any of Capstone's supported architectures. On Windows and Linux, install a pre-compiled binary from the Capstone download page, or build from source.

retools - retools: a reverse engineering toolkit for normies

  •    C++

Collection of tools (disassembler, emulator, binary parser) aimed at reverse enginering tasks, more specifically, bug finding related. Currently we target ARMv7 and Mach-O though in the future more architectures and formats are planned. retools is somewhat unique in that most of the semantics for relevant instructions are parsed out of the specification PDFs as opposed to being generated by hand. Currently the disassembler, emulator, and binary parsers are partially done, with a symbolic execution engine and instrumentation/hooking framework to come as I get more time.

The-Great-Escape - Reverse engineering classic ZX Spectrum game "The Great Escape" from a raw binary image

  •    Assembly

This project reverse engineers Denton Designs' classic ZX Spectrum 48K game The Great Escape from a raw binary to a cross-referenced and annotated HTML disassembly, using SkoolKit. The Great Escape is a 1986 isometric 3D prison break game for the 48K ZX Spectrum where you play a POW trying to escape from a nazi prison camp. It's one of the best-regarded Spectrum games and I want to know how the authors managed to pack all that magic into the 48K ZX Spectrum.

FCNPC - FCNPC - Fully Controllable NPC

  •    C++

This is a fork of original repository by OrMisicL. If you found a bug or get crash, create issue in issues section with your crashlog and your Pawn script.

peasauce - Peasauce Interactive Disassembler

  •    Python

If you wish to generally support or encourage the development of this tool, or sponsor the development of specific features, Paypal donations will be used for that purpose. For those who are serious about sponsoring development of a specific feature it is best to discuss it with me at my email address first. The current primary goal is to handle disassembling Amiga m68000 executables. Support for the wider family of m680x0 instructions, or executables for other platforms that used these chips is within scope, in order to drive better code structure for later expansion to other architectures or platforms.

disasm6502 - 6502 disassembler

  •    Rust

A crate providing functionality to disassemble 6502 binary code. Supports decoding of forbidden instructions, provides information about cycle count, which registers the instruction accesses and which status flags are affected. Acceptable data input can be either an array of bytes, a vector of bytes or a binary file.

pokepinball - disassembly of pokémon pinball

  •    Assembly

This is a disassembly of Pokémon Pinball (Game Boy Color). To set up the repository, see INSTALL.md.

pokeyellow - Disassembly of Pokemon Yellow

  •    Assembly

This is a disassembly of Pokémon Yellow. To set up the repository, see INSTALL.md.

bnpy - An architecture plugin for binary ninja to disassemble raw python bytecode

  •    Python

A binary ninja architecture plugin to disassemble raw python bytecode. Clone the repo to the Binary ninja plugins directory.

vxsig - Automatically generate AV byte signatures from sets of similar binaries.

  •    C++

Copyright 2011-2019 Google LLC. Disclaimer: This is not an official Google product (experimental or otherwise), it is just code that happens to be owned by Google.

EnVisen - ROP gadget finder and analysis in pure Javascript

  •    Javascript

⚠️ This tool may only be used for educational, teaching, learning, understanding and research purposes only. Completely self-contained binary ROP/JOP gadget analyzer for comparing two binaries side-by-side and understanding their structures, in 100% pure Javascript, and a self-contained client-side browser application. Focussed on extreme simplicity of usage and portability across platforms.

ages-disasm - Disassembly of Oracle of Ages

  •    Assembly

This is intended to be a full disassembly of Oracle of Ages for the Gameboy Color. When combined with LynnaLab, it is a level editing suite. Most code is located in main.s, but most of it should migrate to separate files in the "code" folder eventually.

go-disass - A suite of tools for disassembly, ROP, and binary analysis written in Go

  •    Go

syscall-accumulate - a tool that finds all direct references to syscalls in a x86_64 ELF binary and prints the list to stdout.

jetpac-disassembly - JETPAC: annotated source code disassembly of this classic 8-bit game (1983, ZX Spectrum)

  •    Assembly

An unofficial disassembly of JETPAC, the classic 8-bit computer game released in 1983 for the 16K ZX Spectrum home computer. This disassembly has been created from the raw binary data of the original ZX Spectrum JETPAC cartridge ROM, using the SkoolKit disassembly toolkit.

CHIPS.EXE - Disassembly of Chip's Challenge for Windows (1992) aka MSCC

  •    Assembly

This is a disassembly of Chip's Challenge for Windows 95. All of the code has been disassembled.

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