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project-explorer - ๐ŸŽ‹A CLI tool to create an annotated tree visualization of any project

  •    Javascript

Create a tree visualization of any project with this CLI tool. When ramping people up on an existing codebase, there's often a lot of state they have to understand about the project- where everything is, where everything starts, exceptional files. With this tool, you can generate a visualization of any project, as well modify certain directories to be open, or have notes that people can read through easily. A working example of this exists here. I created this for Vue core off of notes taken at a core meeting as Evan You walked us through some of the file structure.

node-directory-tree - Convert a directory tree to a JS object.

  •    Javascript

Creates a JavaScript object representing a directory tree. And you can also filter by an extensions regex: This is useful for including only certain types of files.

godirwalk - Fast directory traversal for Golang

  •    Go

godirwalk is a library for traversing a directory tree on a file system. Additional examples are provided in the examples/ subdirectory.

vue-directory-tree - A visualization of relevant files for vue repo, along with notes

  •    Javascript

๐ŸŽ‹ Often when we're excited about contributing to a project, it takes a little while to understand the codebase even before we get started. It's estimated that developers spend 70% of their time reading code and only 30% writing. This project documents how Vue.js is set up with special notes taken from a Vue core meeting with Evan You. This should help guide people through the directory structure and give context to how and why things are set up the way that they are so that they can get set up to contribute as soon as possible. Shows the whole Vue.js repo directory structure, with only the sections with notes shown initially. Any files that we have more info on have a note (exposed on hover). All notes and open directories are in the Vuex store.

bfs - A breadth-first version of the UNIX find command

  •    C

Breadth-first search for your files. If you're not familiar with find, the GNU find manual provides a good introduction.

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