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maplace.js - A Google Maps Javascript plugin for jQuery.

  •    Javascript

Helps you to embed Google Maps into your website, quickly create markers and controls menu for the locations on map. Download the latest version of Maplace.js and include the Google Maps API v3 along with jQuery.

valhalla - Open Source Routing Engine for OpenStreetMap

  •    C++

Valhalla is an open source routing engine and accompanying libraries for use with OpenStreetMap data. Valhalla also includes tools like time+distance matrix computation, isochrones, elevation sampling, map matching and tour optimization (Travelling Salesman). Technical documentation for the various components of the library can be found here: docs. Service API documentation as well as links to a variety of technical descriptions are provided within the valhalla-docs repository.

hubot-maps - A Hubot script for searching maps and directions

  •    CoffeeScript

Once you have an API key, set it as the value for the HUBOT_GOOGLE_API_KEY environment variable.

cordova-plugin-directions - Cordova / PhoneGap Map Directions Plugin for Apache Cordova >= 3.0.0

  •    Java

Cordova Directions Plugin to utilise native maps for satnav style direction purposes (using latitude and longitude or address). For more information, see the PhoneGap build docs.

react-native-maps-directions - Directions Component for `react-native-maps`

  •    Javascript

Once the directions in between destination and origin has been fetched, a MapView.Polyline between the two will be drawn. Since the result rendered on screen is a MapView.Polyline component, all MapView.Polyline props – except for coordinates – are also accepted.

nativescript-directions - :point_up_2: :point_right: :point_down: :point_left: Open the Maps app to show directions to anywhere you like

  •    TypeScript

Want to dive in quickly? Check out the demo app! Otherwise, continue reading. You can run the demo app from the root of the project by typing npm run demo.ios.device or npm run demo.android.

react-native-google-maps-directions - 🚕 Get direction using Google Maps in React Native 🚗

  •    Javascript

A tiny module that uses the React Native Linking API to get directions using Google Maps by opening it in the default browser or app if installed. The module exports a single getDirections function that takes a object as its argument. The object may have destination (Where you're going to) and source (Where you're coming from) both of which have latitude and longitude number properties. If source is undefined, it defaults to the user's current location. If destination is undefined, it leaves it blank in Google Maps and the user will be able to enter a destination.