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glsl-directional-light - A reusable GLSL directional light function

  •    C

A reusable GLSL directional light function.But this module also takes into account specualrity as well.

microflux - A really small stateless flux backed by Flux dispatcher. Inspired by Alt + Nuclear

  •    Javascript

I merged a lot of the ideas here into Alt. This is pretty early software. There are currently no tests. There is no documentation. Read the code or check out the examples.

postcss-logical - Use logical properties and flow-relative values in CSS

  •    CSS

PostCSS Logical Properties and Values lets you use logical, rather than physical, direction and dimension mappings in CSS, following the CSS Logical Properties and Values specification. Otherwise, consider using the dir option to transform all logical properties and values to a specific direction.

bootstrap-directional-buttons - Directional / Arrow buttons for Bootstrap

  •    HTML

Just add class .btn-arrow-left or .btn-arrow-right to bootstrap buttons. Use inside a .btn-group to remove space between button.