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react-measure - 📏 Compute measurements of a React component.

  •    Javascript

Compute measurements of React components. Uses a ResizeObserver to detect when an element's dimensions have changed. Includes a polyfill for ResizeObserver in unsupported browsers.

image-size - Node module for detecting image dimensions

  •    TypeScript

NOTE: The asynchronous version doesn't work if the input is a Buffer. Use synchronous version instead. If the target file is an icon (.ico) or a cursor (.cur), the width and height will be the ones of the first found image.

viewport - :computer: Gets the dimensions of the Viewport and beyond.

  •    Javascript

Viewport is a component to ease viewport management. You can get the dimensions of the viewport and beyond, which can be quite helpful to perform some checks with JavaScript. Also, you can use it without components.

react-dimensions - [Looking for maintainers]

  •    Javascript

React higher-order component to get the dimensions of a wrapper element and pass them as properties to the child element. DEVELOPMENT STATUS: I'm not really using this any more since for grids/tables in React I've switched from fixed-data-table (which I was using this for) to react-virtualized which includes similar functionality to this with the Autosizer. I'm happy for someone else to take this module on.


  •    DotNet

NGenericDimensions™ is an experiment at creating a .NET library for attempting to represent quantities along with their units of measure, as generic dimensions like length, mass, etc., with compile time safety, lightweight value types, and some operator overloading.

php-imageoptim-api - PHP wrapper for ImageOptim API

  •    PHP

This library allows you to resize and optimize images using ImageOptim API.ImageOptim offers advanced compression, high-DPI/responsive image mode, and color profile support that are much better than PHP's built-in image resizing functions.

http-image-size - Detect image dimensions over http.

  •    Javascript

Detect image dimensions via http or https. It does so by trying to extract image size via image-size on each chunk received. When the dimensions are present, the request is aborted. dimensions is in the form { height: 1063, width: 1600 }. length is the number of bytes loaded.

element-size - Get the size of an element in pixels, including margins

  •    Javascript

Given a DOM element, return an array containing that element's width and height in pixels.MIT. See LICENSE.md for details.

p5.dimensions.js - An addon for p5.js which adds support for higher dimensional calculations.

  •    TypeScript

An addon for p5.js which adds support for higher dimensional calculations.Download the library file here, or read the documentation here.

react-container-dimensions - Wrapper component that detects element resize and passes new dimensions down the tree

  •    Javascript

Wrapper component that detects parent (container) element resize and passes new dimensions down the tree. Based on element-resize-detector. It is especially useful when you create components with dimensions that change over time and you want to explicitely pass the container dimensions to the children. For example, SVG visualization needs to be updated in order to fit into container.

node-imageinfo - A node

  •    Javascript

This is a small package for node.js to allow the analysis of image data in a Buffer, and return mime-type, and image dimensions for the data. It is designed to be fast, completely written in javascript and have no dependencies on external packages or libraries.

fastimage - FastImage finds the size or type of an image given its URL by fetching as little as needed

  •    Javascript

FastImage finds the size or type of an image given its URL by fetching as little as needed. FastImage supports and has been tested on NodeJS 5.0+.

node-dimensions - Lego Dimensions Toy Pad library for NodeJS

  •    Javascript

Lego Dimensions Toy Pad library for NodeJS.

window-state - scrollTop and window dimensions on demand

  •    Javascript

In an idea taken from react-virtualized, all of the scroll events are handled by ONE listener.

term_size-rs - Functions for determining terminal sizes in Rust

  •    Rust

Copyright Benjamin Sago, Kevin Knapp, and term_size contributors. at your option. Unless you explicitly state otherwise, any contribution intentionally submitted for inclusion in the work by you, as defined in the Apache-2.0 license, shall be dual licensed as above, without any additional terms or conditions.

remeasure - Get position and size attributes for any React Component

  •    Javascript

The bottom, left, right, and top properties are what you would expect from the result of element.getBoundingClientRect(). naturalHeight and naturalWidth are properties that are native to img elements, and for all non-img elements they are coalesced with scrollHeight and scrollWidth, respectively. These properties are retrieved on mount, but will also automatically update if the element is resized thanks to ResizeObserver. Please note that elements that do not support content (such as img) are not supported by this resize listener because there is no content box to observe. If you need to support those elements, simply create a higher-order component that wraps that element in a div and decorate that component.

dimensioned - Compile-time dimensional analysis for various unit systems using Rust's type system

  •    Rust

A Rust library for compile-time dimensional analysis. Its goal is to provide zero cost unit safety while requiring minimal effort from the programmer.

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