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chattervox - 📡 An AX

  •    TypeScript

An AX.25 packet radio chat protocol with support for digital signatures and binary compression. Like IRC over radio waves 📡. Chattervox implements a minimal packet radio protocol on top of AX.25 that can be used with a terminal node controller (TNC) like Direwolf to transmit and receive digitally signed messages using audio frequency shift keying modulation (AFSK). In the United States, it's illegal to broadcast encrypted messages on amateur radio frequencies. Chattervox respects this law, while using elliptic curve cryptography and digital signatures to protect against message spoofing.

Kryptor - A simple, modern, and secure encryption tool

  •    CSharp

Kryptor is a simple, modern, and secure encryption tool. It is a portable, cross-platform command line tool that makes use of modern and secure cryptographic algorithms. It aims to be a mixture of age and Minisign in terms of functionality to provide a simple, user friendly alternative to GPG.

jsonld-signatures - An implementation of the Linked Data Signatures specification for JSON-LD

  •    Javascript

An implementation of the Linked Data Signatures specification for JSON-LD. This software works in all modern browsers as well as node.js via npm. In a browser environment, include jsonld, forge, and dist/jsonld-signatures.min.js via script tag or other mechanism.

cryptochallenge18 - Kudelski Security's 2018 pre-Black Hat crypto challenge


All challenges can be queried on the API under https://cryptochall.ks.kgc.io (N.B. it refuses insecure connection). Any submitted characters not in [a-zA-Z0-9 ] will generate an error. To solve the first 2 challenges, you must write a program that creates valid signatures, in order to send the /win endpoint the message specified in the /flag one. That signed message must be successfully verified by the verification service. Obviously, your program should not just copy a signature received from the signing service, and we've thus blacklisted the winning messages.

signatory - Multi-provider digital signature library for Rust

  •    Rust

A pure Rust multi-provider digital signature library with support for elliptic curve digital signature algorithms, namely ECDSA (described in FIPS 186-4) and Ed25519 (described in RFC 8032). Signatory provides a thread-safe and object-safe API and implements providers for many popular Rust crates, including ed25519-dalek, secp256k1-rs, ring, and sodiumoxide.

yubihsm-rs - Pure Rust client for YubiHSM2 devices

  •    Rust

Pure Rust client for YubiHSM 2 devices from Yubico. Note that this is NOT an official Yubico project and is in no way supported or endorsed by Yubico (although whoever runs their Twitter account thinks it's awesome).

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