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Mahara - Open Source ePortfolio System

  •    PHP

Mahara is a fully featured web application to build your electronic portfolio. You can create journals, upload files, embed social media resources from the web and collaborate with other users in groups. Mahara includes a file repository, Blogging platform, Social networking facility, Interface with Moodle and lot more.

Librarybox - Portable Private Digital Distribution

  •    Python

LibraryBox is a combination of a router (a variety of hardware will work), USB drive, and software that, when combined, give you a small, low powered webserver. The webserver acts like a captive portal, and delivers files that are stored on the USB drive.

Circuit Diagram

  •    CSharp

Circuit Diagram enables you to make electronic circuit diagrams and export them as images.

Digital Logic Simulator in Silverlight

  •    Silverlight

This project is a basic simulator for digital logic circuits. It includes a variety of gates (AND, OR, XOR, NAND, NOR, NOT), JK and D type flip-flops, a pulse generator, logic high and low levels, wires, and switches.

Netduino Serial Monitor & NETMF Libraries

  •    DotNet

A Collection of NETMF Code, including Libraries for 4DSystems displays, a simple UI Engine and other libraries and test programs

eckey - A JavaScript component for Eliptical curve cryptography for crypto currencies such as Litecoin and Bitcoin

  •    Javascript

JavaScript component to handle private key and public keys associated with elliptic curve cryptography. Used with crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, etc. Works in both Node.js and the browser.

dropletapi - Wrapper for the DigitalOcean API V2

  •    Javascript

Wrapper for the DigitalOcean API V2

libdvbtee - dvbtee: a digital television streamer / parser / service information aggregator supporting various interfaces including telnet CLI & http control

  •    C++

libdvbtee is a stream parser and service information aggregator library for MPEG2 transport streams. The library includes a program service information (PSI) parser and support for various network streaming methods and is aware of the linux-dvb kernel API as well as HDHomeRun network streaming APIs. The library contains enough functionality to power a full featured television middleware application, including the ability to acquire and stream data through UDP, TCP, HTTP, DMA and various other mechanisms.

node-dvbtee - MPEG2 transport stream parser for Node

  •    C++

Any standard MPEG2TS stream is supported, with additional specific support for broadcast television transport streams containing PSIP tables and descriptors. These tables and descriptors contain information about the stream, such as broadcast info, program info, and electronic program guide (EPG).


  •    Javascript

Your very own Sindre :)

cards - A deck of cards enumerating simple rules to design all new digital products at MAIF

  •    Javascript

Les cartes par #OSSbyMAIF sont distribuées sous les termes de la licence Creative Commons - Attribution - NonCommercial - ShareAlike.

dls-schematics - Schematics for DLS - The Digital Logic Simulator game http://makingartstudios

  •    Javascript

Schematics for DLS - The Digital Logic Simulator game http://makingartstudios.itch.io/dls

mda.js - half edge mesh data structure in js

  •    Javascript

mda.js is a javascript library that contains a half-edge mesh data structure, helper functions that perform operators (smoothing, subdivide, extrude, etc), queries and integrity checks on the mesh data structure. This library is part of a larger project / series of libraries that aspires to bring computational & parametric modeling / design to the web. This library aspires to be one of the core data structures that helps to model three dimensional shapes. This library aspire to enable higher level modeling for 3d printing, g-code generation, cnc milling tool path creation, laser cutting paths, robotic motion planning, and more.

libiio - Library for interfacing with IIO devices

  •    C

libiio is used to interface to the Linux Industrial Input/Output (IIO) Subsystem. The Linux IIO subsystem is intended to provide support for devices that in some sense are analog to digital or digital to analog converters (ADCs, DACs). This includes, but is not limited to ADCs, Accelerometers, Gyros, IMUs, Capacitance to Digital Converters (CDCs), Pressure Sensors, Color, Light and Proximity Sensors, Temperature Sensors, Magnetometers, DACs, DDS (Direct Digital Synthesis), PLLs (Phase Locked Loops), Variable/Programmable Gain Amplifiers (VGA, PGA), and RF transceivers. You can use libiio natively on an embedded Linux target (local mode), or use libiio to communicate remotely to that same target from a host Linux, Windows or MAC over USB or Ethernet or Serial. Although libiio was primarily developed by Analog Devices Inc., it is an active open source library, which many people have contributed to. It released under the GNU Lesser General Public License, version 2.1 or later, this open-source license allows anyone to use the library, on any vendors processor/FPGA/SoC, which may be controlling any vendors peripheral device (ADC, DAC, etc) either locally or remotely. This includes closed or open-source, commercial or non-commercial applications (subject to the LGPL license freedoms, obligations and restrictions).