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regl-cnn - Digit recognition with Convolutional Neural Networks in WebGL

  •    Javascript

GPU accelerated handwritten digit recognition with regl. Note that this network will probably be slower than the corresponding network implemented on the CPU. This is because of the overhead associated with transferring data to and from the GPU. But in the future we will attempt implementing more complex networks in the browser, such as Neural Style, and then we think that we will see a significant speedup compared to the CPU.

clean-regexp - Clean up regular expressions

  •    Javascript

Text of the regular expression.Flags of the regular expression.

number-grouper - render numbers as 3-digit separated groups

  •    Javascript

Render numbers as 3-digit separated groups.Convert the number n into a string with 3-digit groups separated by opts.sep.

illudere - ⌚️ Illudere watchface for the Pebble smart watch

  •    C

This is a custom watchface for the Pebble smart watch. Download it. Although it may not be immediately apparent, there are 4 large digits on this face. The background consists of lines going one direction. The foreground, or the digits, has lines in the other direction. The edges of digits appear as corners in these lines, so where ever you see a corner, try to follow it to see the rest of the edge of a digit. Once you can see one, it shouldn't be hard to find the rest.

android-passcodeview - A custom view with keyboard and character display to be used for authentication

  •    Java

A custom view with keyboard and character display to be used for authentication. The view has a bunch customisation options to make to look and work the way whichever needed.

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