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Online Math Calculator

This is an Online Math Calculator. What this does is take your equation in the usual form and convert every variable to x, y, and every constant to a, b, c, d, e, etc... use wolfram|alpha and then convert back to the input format. This allows to input most equations.

SQL Server S3 Backup

SQL Server command line backup tool that will perform full, differential and transaction log backups, zip them up and then upload to an Amazon S3 bucket.

integrate - Some numerical integrators for ordinary differential equations

Want one that's not there? Open an issue, or better yet, a pull request adding it. All of the methods are hand-written in asm.js, so they should be fast. Not that your integration method would ever be your bottleneck anyway, but hey... why not.

mesh-laplacian - Computes coefficients of the Laplacian for a mesh

Computes the Laplacian of a mesh. Constructs the mesh Laplacian for a given surface mesh using barycentric cotangent weights.

dialogo - Javascript Differential Synchronization

Dialogo supports realtime collaboration apps. It's a Javascript implementation of Differential Synchronization that works on browsers and node.js. Note: the editor will detect if the content is JSON, or just text and use the best strategy. Look the browser console for details.